Schools will be closed Monday, December 11, 2017

All Cobb County Schools will be closed Monday, December 11, for both students and staff, due to continued power outages at multiple schools and poor travel conditions on secondary roads in the northern part of the county.


Bertha Nelson, Principal - Email
Tina Stevens-Carty, Asst Principal - Email
Kristina DeFrain, SSA- Email

Front Office

Traci Forbis, CSIS Clerk- Email
Karen Feathers, Clerk
Darlene Teague, Bookkeeper- Email
Jean Barry, Secretary - Email
Tammy Nall, School Nurse - Email


Jeff Gaskin, PE- Email
Jennifer Peck, Art- Email
Paula Thomas-Lee, Music - Email
Cathy Jones, Math- Email | Blog
Stacy Melton, Science - Email | Blog
Peggy Clay, Media/Innov- Email | Blog
Susan Lewis, Tech/Innov- Email | Website


Anne Walker- Email
Eva Hildreth- Email
Amy Cole- Email
Dr. Angela Perry, Academic Coach - Email

Marilyn Veal, Counselor - Email
Aricia Whitton, Counselor - Email

ESOL Support

Jenny Cole - Email | Blog
Kerrie Poirot - Email | Blog

Interrelated Support

Amber Graham, Second- Email
John Chio, Third- Email
Krystal Smeyres, Third- Email
Greta Foster, Fourth- Email
Cathyann Peng, Fourth- Email
Chaura Ross, Fifth- Email
Melanie Miller, Fifth- Email
Parissa Styles- Email
Julie Kimbrough- Email


Crystal Moore- Email | Blog


Miles Snider- Email


Allyson Dobson- Email
Kathy Guertin- Email | Blog

Speech & Language

Elli Chambers- Email


Janice Gatewood, SPED
Patricia Henry, SPED
Sandy Blake, Media
Gwendolyn Moriarty, SPED
Lisa Ingram, SPED
Kitty Vaughn, Para
Tracy Walker, Para PE

Field Tech

Donna Reyes

Second Grade

Julie Ellingson - Email | Blog
Beth Keeney - Email
Catherine Law-  Email | Blog
Erica Matthews - Email | Blog
Heather Shirley - Email | Blog
Emilia Hills-  Email | Blog
Courtney Payne- Email

Third Grade

Rachel Beal - Email | Blog
Amy Blakeney - Email | Blog
Becky Banks - Email | Blog
Stacy Domke - Email | Blog
Katherine Pugh - Email | Blog
Elizabeth Smith - Email | Blog
Sarah Potts-  Email | Blog
Amanda Chafin- Email | Blog

Fourth Grade

Amanda Bryan - Email | Blog    
Regina Harris - Email  | Blog  
Angie McDill - Email | Blog
Cassie Westbrook - Email | Blog
Marsha Morris - Email | Blog
Lisa Miller- Email | Blog
Kristin Church - Email

Fifth Grade

Destony Harris - Email | Blog
Kimberly Hurley - Email
Kelly Phillips - Email | Blog
Jenna Strub- Email | Blog
Mary Southall - Email | Blog
Erin Myers- Email | Blog
Cierra Stevens - Email | Blog


Terron Beaulieu, Head - Email
Ignace Celicourt
Edner Fabius
Vanky Joseph
Cassidy Holland


Matthew Schaefer , Director
Gail Douillard, Bookkeeper
Patrica Wilson, Clerk
Karen Scarborough, RSP
Iris Mendralla, RSP

Social Worker

Petrina Fowler, Social Worker - Email | Blog


Dr. Kimberley Saye, Psycholgist Email


Melissa Vaughn- Email

Food Services

Siddhi Patel, Manager - Email
Sue Alfonsin, Monitor
Essie Houser, Monitor
Tammy Dishmon
Sheila Hancock
Nancy Hughes
Connie Matthews
Tina Pierce
Karen Reaid
Jeanine Sherrod
Dominique Edwards