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Nutrition Tips 

* Eating foods that naturally contain fiber such as grains, cereals, fruits, and vegetables, is the best and safest way to increase fiber in your diet.

* Eating a healthy breakfast provides your body with important nutrients.

* A quick and easy breakfast idea is peanut butter on whole wheat toast with sliced bananas or toaster waffles topped with yogurt and fruit.

* Physical activity is one of the best things you can do to stay fit, healthy, and feeling great!


Lunch Prices      (Charges are not allowed in High School)

Student Lunch……………$2.40 Reduced Lunch*…….......$0.40
1 week - $12.00 1 week - $2.00
4 weeks - $48.00  4 weeks  - $8.00
Staff Lunch………$3.00 /Guest Lunch……….$3.25 
*For qualifying students. Applications for free and reduced priced lunches are available from the Allatoona Café Manager. Online applications available on CCSD web site. Meal Apps

Payment Options

1. Pay online at https://mypaymentsplus.com/default.aspx. Register using your child’s student ID# which you can obtain through the school office or Allatoona Café.
*** For more information about My Payments Plus, go to http://www.cobbk12.org/centraloffice/foodservices/MealpayPlus.htm
2. Pay by check or cash for the day, week, month, or year.
*** Please include Student’s ID# on all checks.Unlike cash, checks are easily traced if lost or posted to the wrong account.
*** Weekly or monthly payments save us and the students time.


llatoona Cafe Phone Number
Renee Comer – Café Manager

Cherry Charles, Kim Pate,  Patti Gavin, Regina Roberts, Freida Watson,  Nicole Costa, Shelly Johns, Susanne Rothery, Deas Schisler, Sherry Gross, Beth Rogers, Tracey Gentry,  Pushpa Patel and Suzy Hearing

Congratulations to the Allatoona Cafe Staff

Food and Nutrition Golden Achievement Recipients

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