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Teacher Subject Area
Bennett, Michael - Dept. Leader English
Forbes, Brandy  English
Fridborg, Erik  English
Lanier, Joseph  English
Smolko, Lexy English
Stumpf, Andrea English
Szatkowski, Sarah English
Taylor, April English

Students please be aware that you will not know which semester you have English until you receive your schedule at Buc Bash, so you are strongly advised to go ahead and complete the summer reading assignment for your course upon the start of the school year.  If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail the English Department Leader, Mr. Michael Bennett at:   michael.bennett@cobbk12.org

2017-2018 Summer Reading - On-Level 9th

2017-2018 Summer Reading - Honors 9th Literature

2017-2018 Summer Reading - 9th Literature Special Education Small Group

2017-2018 Summer Reading - On-Level 10th World Lit

2017-2018 Summer Reading - Honors World Literature 10th

2017-2018 Summer Reading - On-Level 11th American Literature

2017-2018 Summer Reading - Honors American Literature - 11th

2017-2018 Summer Reading - AP Literature - 12th Grade

2017-2018 Summer Reading - On-Level British Literature and Honors British Literature - 12th

2017-2018 Summer Reading - AP Language



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