A word from our Administration Team......


December 16, 2012

Dear Parents and Students,


I know that you all join with me during this holiday season in thoughtful reflection and prayer for the families impacted by the tragedy that unfolded in Connecticut on Friday. Although the senseless act of violence is far from our Barber community, it has certainly given us reason not only to hold our children and families a little tighter in our hearts, but also to reflect on our own measures to ensure safety in our school.  Please know that it is a commitment we take personally to keep your children safe from harm while at school each day. I hope you will find the information below reassuring in regard to safety precautions at Barber:


1. All exterior doors remain locked during school hours.

2. We have a detailed emergency plan that teachers have been trained to implement, and we annually run practice drills. 

3. We have safety radios and security cameras that allow us to be vigilant in monitoring the hallways and the main entrance.

4. Our staff is well trained and diligent in monitoring hallways and reporting concerns to prevent emergencies. 

5. We have certified and trained campus police officer(s) who monitor and support our school.

6. We have a close partnership with the Acworth Police Department which has reached out to us to pledge their commitment to safety.  Below is a statement from Chief Dennard:


"If you need anything from our agency, or have any ideas that may help us to serve you better do not hesitate to reach out. If you observe anything that just does not feel right (let alone suspicious) call us. We are here for you and want to be a partner every step of the way as you continue to educate and protect our students."


You can also help us by contacting the school if you become aware of any threat to the safety of our school environment.  Additionally, you can support our safety protocol by always stopping in the front office to sign in, wearing a visitor's badge at all times while in the building, visiting only the areas you have indicated, and at all times exhibiting actions and words that contribute to a safe climate.


As always, thank you for your continued support.  We are grateful for the parental involvement that makes  Barber Middle School an exemplary school. 


Lisa O. Williams, Ph.D.