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Learning Commons


With the ever-changing landscape in education and the need to consistently readjust to meet the needs of our students, Belmont Hills Elementary School (BHES) is leading the way with creating space that will adapt to the way our students learn. In 2017, the Library at BHES will be converted into a Learning Commons.


With libraries of the past, students would come with the sole purpose of checking out books or resources, conducting research, or come for a place to sit and study. According to Beth Holland at Johns Hopkins University, The libraries of the 21st century (Learning Commons) provide a welcoming common space that encourages exploration, creation, and collaboration between students, teachers, and a broader community. They bring together the best of the physical and digital to create learning hubs. Ultimately, the libraries of the 21st century (Learning Commons) will continue to inspire students to construct new knowledge and meaning from the world around them.


So, in response to a new set of standards and curriculum that requires more creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solvingwe are creating a space that provides areas for group meetings in comfortable and creative spaces- with the tools to provide help as students work together to problem solve. This space will consist of moveable book cases/shelves, comfortable seating, places for students to sketch out ideas on a whiteboard or digital format, and a room of resources to encourage creative and collaborative problem solving.


Teachers will be able to enjoy more flexibility in assigning projects because the learning commons will offer spaces for work to be done either individually or collaboratively, with media support or without. It simply invites students to develop their own approaches to their work and to transfer what they learn in one class to the work they do for another class.


We need your help with creating this space!  So, how can you help? We have sectioned off spaces in our current library and are asking individuals or companies to sponsor a space. We have estimated the approximate cost of each section that ranges from $2,000 to $15,000. Please consider contributing even if you or your company is unable to sponsor an entire space.  Every penny counts in transforming our school to meet the needs of 21st century learners.  If you are interested, please contact me for additional details.


Thanks in advance for your willingness to support our students and help give them the best education possible!




Dr. Ashley Campoli


Belmont Hills Elementary

Learning Commons Design & Investment

Learning Commons