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Brumby’s After School Program

The Cobb County School District After School Program strives to establish a safe, caring environment with a minimum structure that allows for individual and social growth. Brumby Elementary provides an After School Program at a nominal cost per child.

Director – Antonio Strickland, Jr. (

(770) 916-7070

2:30 p.m. until 6 p.m. each day that school is in session.

$7.00 per day per child.

This fee ensures that After School Programs continue to be self-supporting, operate efficiently and provides required teacher to student ratios and enrichment activities. The daily tuition pays for all staffing needs, snacks, enrichment activities and supplies for the After School Programs. Taxpayer revenues do not fund this program.

All fees for ASP can be paid by cash, money order, or credit card. The credit card payments can be made through My Payments Plus which is accessible from the Brumby Home Page link "MyPayments Plus" or from the Cobb County School District Website.

There is a $10.00 registration fee per child. This annual fee is necessary to fund the initial start-up costs each year, such as forms and supplies.

Late Pick Up Charge
There is a charge for parents picking up their child after 6:00.
This charge is $1.00 per minute/per child.


Students are asked to show respect for others at all times during the school day, as well as in the After School Program.

Please remind your children that it is their responsibility to be respectful towards adults, students, themselves, and the school.

If your child exhibits behavior that is disrespectful to a teacher or student, he or she will be written up. It is important that your child show respect to everyone as he or she would show respect at home.


General rules are set by Cobb County. The rules for the school day apply during after school hours.

Please keep in mind that rules are established to ensure the safety of all children who stay in the After School Program.

Fighting and disrespect will not be tolerated in the program.

Cobb County established a "write-up" policy. A student can be written-up if rules are broken. After three "write-ups" your child will be withdrawn from the program.