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During the 2004-2005 school year, Cheatham Hill adopted the Learning Focused Schools model for student learning.  This school-wide initiative provided teachers and  paraprofessionals with consistent and pervasive instructional practices for reaching our at-risk learners in regular and special education.  Based on research gathered in 90/90/90 schools, the Learning Focused model, developed by Dr. Max Thompson, focuses on five areas of improvement:  exemplary practice, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and organization. 

In order to support our school improvement plan for improved student achievement, 70 classroom teachers, and specialists received training in strategies for acquisition, extending/refining, acceleration, rubrics, and unit planning.  Additionally, 15 paraprofessionals received training in vocabulary interventions and other acceleration strategies to "catch kids up."  It is our goal to continue to remain focused on the strategies and implementation during the 2006-2007 school year.

Our staff has worked collaboratively during the past two years to map the science and social studies curriculum.  Content maps for the content areas were created that included essential questions, key vocabulary and culminating activities/projects.  Additionally, math and writing content maps were provided by the school district.  Performance-based activities and technology-integrated lessons are currently being added to each content map.  The concept maps will be used by the specialists and special education teachers to provide extra support to the classroom teachers. 

Want to learn more about the components of a Learning Focused School, click on the links below.

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Bulletin Boards
Acquisition Lessons  Vocabulary Strategies and Word Walls Content Maps
Thinking Skills Graphic Organizers LFS Implementation Rubric


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