Graphic Organizers

Listed below are a variety of graphic organizers that can be used with students in accelerating, acquiring or extending/refining learning.  These tools should be used to help students engage in rigorous thinking, organize complex ideas, and scaffold their interactions with texts.  They should not be used simply as worksheets or activities for their own sake.

Graphic Organizers for Acceleration, Acquisition and Vocabulary Lessons

Venn Diagram


Story Map 2


Cycle Graph

KWL Plus

Story Pyramid

Word Map

Describing an Event


Story Worm

Meeting New Vocabulary

Descriptive Organizer

Story Map 1

The Important Thing

Word Bank

5 W and How

Sequence Chain

Decision Making Frame

Spider Map

Comparison Matrix




Point of View

Chronological Narrative

Just the Facts

Beginning, Middle, End

Descriptive Paragraph This Caused... Frame Compare/Contrast Triangle ABC Brainstorming
SQ3R Cause and Effect Attribute Web Question/Prediction
Using All My Senses Sketch to Stretch Connections Inferencing
Questioning Picture in My Head Synthesizing Determining Importance


Graphic Organizers for Extending and Refining Thinking Skills


Comparing and Contrasting

Classifying and Categorizing

Constructing Support

Analyzing Perspectives

Inductive Reasoning

Deductive Reasoning

Error Analysis


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Region 15 Graphic Organizers (English and Spanish versions)


*Material adapted from  a variety of sources including Dr. Max Thompson's Learning Focused Strategies