Are you "EATS"ing?

Acquisition Lessons

Acquisition lessons are designed help students acquire new information, concepts or skills.  The purpose of an acquisition lesson is to build prior knowledge, introduce vocabulary, practice skills, and summarize learning.   Each acquisition lesson includes (acquisition lesson plan form):

E Essential question
n*Teaching objective in the form of a question
n*Posted sequentially as unit is taught
n*Sets the lesson focus
n*Posed at beginning and is referenced throughout the lesson
n*Posted on board, transparency or sentence strip-easily seen by all students
n*Gives evidence of student learning
n*Is answered by students
A Activating strategy
n*Hooks students
n*Links to prior knowledge or builds knowledge for lesson
n*Links to lesson content
n*Could be a preview of vocabulary
T Teaching strategy
n*Engages learner in integrating, organizing, or storing new knowledge or skills
n*Includes distributed practice/summarizing with collaborative pairs
n*Uses a graphic organizer
n*Includes writing
n*Is an active learning activity
S Summarizing strategy
n*Guided by essential question
n*Essential question answered by all students usually in writing
n*Is a key “thinking skill”
n*Distributed throughout a lesson, not just at the end
n*Should not be summarized by teacher


What does an acquisition lesson look like?

These pictures were taken in a variety of classrooms.  The pictures show a range of activities that contain essential questions, graphic organizers, and key vocabulary.  There is evidence of student writing.



*Pictures taken from the walls and halls of Cheatham Hill Elementary

*Material adapted from a variety of sources including Dr. Max Thompson's Learning Focused Strategies