Clarkdale Elementary School

"Home of the Clarkdale Champions!"

Dr. Liss A. Maynard, Principal  |  Tangela Hendrix, Assistant Principal

4725 Ewing Road
Austell, GA 30106
Phone: 770-819-2422
FAX: 770-819-2424

Clarkdale Administration


Dr. Liss A. Maynard
Before coming to Clarkdale this year, Dr. Maynard has been an administrator at Lindley Middle School, Harmony-Leland, Russell and Mableton Elementary Schools. She has also taught math at Central Alternative School. Dr. Maynard earned a bachelors degree in mathematics from Tuskegee University, a masters degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, her specialist from the University of West Georgia and her Ph.D from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Dr. Maynard believes that by doing our best and working hard we all are Clarkdale Champions! Carpe Diem!

Tangela Hendrix
Assistant Principal
Prior to coming to Clarkdale in 2010-11, Mrs. Hendrix served as Assistant Administrator at Riverside Intermediate School. From 1999-2008, Mrs. Hendrix served as a special education teacher, fourth grade teacher, and Area 1 Lead Teacher.

Mrs. Hendrix is a native of Atlanta. She obtained a bachelors degree from Tennessee State University, a masters from Clark Atlanta University, and she completed an educational leadership add-on from Kennesaw State University. She resides with her husband and two children. Her hobbies include reading, relaxing, and raising her children.

Mrs. Hendrix believes that all students can become productive citizens through the use of LIFESKILLS and Lifelong Guidelines.