All Cobb County schools will resume classes on Tuesday, December 12, on a normal schedule.


   AAA Math

    ABC Arts Online Winged Sandals

    AE Mystery Spot


    Air Quality Information

    Algebra Math Games

    America's Library

    American Icons

      American Revolution

    Animated Tall Tales

    Anne Frank the Writer An Unfinished Story

    A+ Math

    Archiving Early America

    Ask an Astronomer

    Ask Dr. Math

    Atom Family


    BBC - Children of World War II   

    BBC - KS2 Revisewise - Homepage

    BBC - Learning - Homepage

    BBC - KS3 Math Files

    BBC -  Recycling

    BBC - Schools Science Clips - Life cycles

    BBC - Schools Science Clips

    BBC - Science & Nature - Space - Games and Quizzes

    BBC - The Little Animals Activity Centre - Menu page

    BBC - Words and Pictures - Phonics Year 2

    BBC-language arts k-2

    Bees and Honey (Mouse Practice)

    Biomes Activities (Mr. Nussbaum)   

    Biomes of the World

    BookPALS Storyline


    Brainpop Jr.

    Branches of Government

    Bullying NO WAY!


    Bureau of Labor and Statistics   


    Camp Life Begin Your Tour (Civil War)


    Career Awareness Video

    Careers ( - Kids' CBC


    Change Maker

    Citation Machine -- The Landmark Project

    Civil Rights Movement Timeline

    Civil War for Kids (by Kids)

    Click N Learn  (What's inside a Computer?)

    Cobb County School District Home Page

    Cobb Digital Library (Hour of Code) (Course 1 for Kindergarteners) 

    Code Monkey   (Coding)

    Conceptua Math

      Cool Cosmos

    Cool Math

    Comic Strip Maker

    Congress for Kids   

    Constellation Viewer

    Counting Money

    Count Us In Games

    CRCT Games

    CRCT Online (OAS Online Assessment)

      Creek and Cherokee Information 

      Creek and Cherokee Indian Webquest 

    Cyberbee  Treasure Hunts  

    Cyber sleuth Kids  (Search the Internet)

    Cycles of Life


    Discovery Kids

    Discovery School Soil

      DK Findout!   (Research Website)


    Earth day activities

    Earthquakes (Make a quake)

    Earthquakes for Kids

    Easy Science for Kids



    Ecological Footprint Quiz  

    Edheads - Crash Scene

    Edheads - Deep Brain Stimulation

    Edheads - Hip Surgery

    Edheads - Hip Surgery  Resurfacing

    Edheads - Simple Machines

     Edheads - The Odd Machine - Simple Machines II

    Edheads - Virtual Knee Surgery - Total Knee Replacement - TKR

    Edheads - Weather

    Education World Site Reviews Center Archives Students

    Education Place  (Login)

    EHarcourtschool (The Learning Site)

    Elections 2012 (Scholastic)   

    Elections Cyberhunt   

    Elections 2012 Cyberbee   

    Enchanted Learning   

    Engaging Science Online Activities

    Exploratorium - Science


    FableVision Place

    Fact Monster Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help

      Fast Math

    Field Museum (Sue the T-Rex)

    Forces of Nature  (Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes)


    Frog Life Cycle

    Fractions - PBS KIDS

    Frederick Douglass

      Fuel Up To Play 60

    Funbrain (Area Perimeter)

    Fun 4 the Brain


    Georgia Aquarium

    Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 - Elementary School (grades 3-5)

    Get Georgia Reading Campaign  

       Great Habitat Match-Up

    Great Idea Finder (Inventors)

    Growing with Technology  Kindergarten

    Growing with Technology  1st Grade

    Growing with Technology  2nd Grade

    Growing with Technology  3rd Grade

    Growing with Technology  4th Grade

    Growing with Technology  5th Grade

    Guide Word to the Stars (Dictionary Skills)


    Habitat Game

       Harcourtschool - Simple Machines

    Heat Index information (Weather)

    Henry Anker

    Highlights 4

    Hip Pocket Change (US Mint for Kids) Economics

    History Channel

    History of Slavery in America Timeline

    How to do Research Harcourt Science Resources 

    Human Footprint (National Geographic - Earth Day)


    If you were President

    Interactivate Math Activities

    Interactive Websites

    IXL (Math Practice Site)   



    K-8 Kids' Place


    Kid Friendly Search

    Kids Astronomy   

    Kids Geo ( Geography and Geology for kids)

    Kids Reads

      Kids Stories, math, games and singing activities

    Kids in the Kitchen


    Know Your States

    Kwakiutl Indians


    Learning Planet  (Kindergarten)

      Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun (Vocabulary Building)

    Lewis and Clark @



    Main Idea Practice

    Making Change (Math Playground)

    Mary M. Bethune

    Math Magician

    Math Playground 

    Math Slice

    Math Word Problems

      Meet the Greens (Environment, Recycling) - a site for teachers and learners

    Museum of Science and Industry: Simple Machines Game

    My Zaner-Bloser


    NASA for kids

    NASA Science

      Native American Facts for Kids

    Native Tech

    National Atlas

    National Geographic

    National Geographic Forces of Nature (volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes)

    National Geographic Kids (Online Safety)



    Observatory (A guide to Astronomy)

    Ollie Saves the Planet (Recycling)   

    Our America - World War II   

    Out on a Limb Getting along activity


       Paul Revere House



       Picasso Head

       Plants Watch it grow

       Plimoth Plantation - Online Learning Center

       Poetry for Kids

       Power Typing 

       Prefixes and Suffixes 

       Professor Garfield (Word / Reading Activities)




       Read Live

       Recycle City 

       Reference Skills Quiz

       Revolutionary War


       RIF Reading Planet


       Rock Cycle



       Santatelevision - Santa Claus Internet television in Lapland Finland

       Saskatchewan Stories

       Science Vocabulary Hangman Game

       Scholastic Kids

       Scholastic - Kids - Weather

       Science for Kids Club

       Search Creative Commons (Students can search for free Photos, Music and Videos)

       Second Grade Skills - interactive sites


       Shedd Aquarium

       Siesmograph Stations (Up To Date Earthquake information)


       Smithsonian Institution

       Social Studies for Kids   The 13 Colonies

       The Solar System

       Solar System Exploration

       Spelling City


       Squish the Fish (Shedd Aquarium)

       Starchild: A learning center for young Astronomers

       Star - Learn to Read (teaching comprehension and phonics)

       Stop Bullying Now

      Story Place

     Study Jams

       Susan B Anthony Biography

       Susan B. Anthony Coins

       Sweet Search 4 Me (Search Engine for Emerging Students)



       The Art of Crime Detection A Sanford ArtEdventure!

       The Civil War

       The Greens (a site about kids looking after the planet) 

       The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math

       The Oregon-Trail

       The Reconstructors Solve Medical Mysteries - Rice University

       The Shape of Life PBS

       Time for Kids

       Tour of a CELL


     TVO Kids

       Typing Dance Mat

       Typing for Tots  K-1


       Underground Railroad (Interactive)

       Underground Railroad--History of Slavery, Pictures, Information

       United Streaming Assignments

       US 50 (United States Information)

       US Mint


       Virtual Earthquake

       Vocational Information Center (Career Research)


       Volcano World


        Welcome to KidsPsych

        Where Do I Live? (Animal Homing Game)

        Women in History - Mary M. Bethune

        Woodlands Junior (Math Zone - Multiplication)

        Word Works (endings)

        World of Astronomy

        World War II

        World War II Remembered  



        Youthleadership Social Studies


        Zoo Atlanta


Websites for Teachers

        Computer Lab RM 9B Sign up

        Laptop Cart 1 RM 9B Sign up

        Laptop Cart 2 RM 9B Sign up

        Laptop Cart 3 RM 3A Sign up

        Adventure to Fitness

        Classify (Book Classification)

        Classification Website  (Dewey Decimal)

        Classroom Clipart

        Crickweb Primary Interactive Resources

        Dewey Decimal Information
 (Songs and Activites for young children)

        Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites K-12 Resources

        Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites Mathematics

        Have Fun Teaching (Water Cycle Song)

        Internet4Classrooms - Helping Teachers Use the Internet Effectively

        Interactive Whiteboard Activities

        IXL (Math Practice Site)

        Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

        Links for K-12 Teachers - resources for students prepare for state assessments  (free math worksheets)

        Math, English software, games, worksheets for grades K-8 -

        Preschool Printables

        Quiz Hub

        Rubric, Rubrics, Teacher Rubric Makers

        SEN Teacher

        Super Teacher Worksheets

        Teacher Tube (worksheets)

        Veteran's Day Actvities

        Welcome to TeachingBooks