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During the early stages of Cobb Mentoring Matters development, stakeholders felt it was important to take a “bird’s eye view” of what message we wanted send with our name and logo. Questions we asked our staff and partners were……Who do we aim to serve? What values are important to the Cobb County community? How can we embrace the school district, local civic groups, faith based organizations, non-profits and businesses in this district-wide effort? 

Ultimately the aforementioned questions led to creating a branding element that reflects more than just another mentoring program, but a mentoring “movement”. This movement being that mentoring not only matters to the students involved, but also to our families, our schools and the overall future of Cobb County.

Cobb Mentoring Matters was created to serve as the Cobb County School Districts’ flagship mentoring program. By building on national best practices and creating a platform for all communities to become involved, we are ultimately ensuring a positive future for our youth and the Cobb County community.

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