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“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work as [our student's] mentor this year. Thank you for all the hours you spent in band class with him and talking with him. I know at times it was frustrating trying to bond with him, but I want to tell you that you did make a positive impact. Since he starting seeing you weekly, his behavior referrals decreased and grades improved. I am happy to report that he did pull his grades up enough during the last quarter to earn promotion to the 7th grade. They say it “takes a village” with some children, and you were a big part of the village this school year. Many thanks!” - A Parent


“Today she mentioned her interest in learning to improve her reading was because of me.” - Celia


“My mentee has learned there are things in life you must do even if you do not want to do them. He knows I will not give up on him. He must do the work to reach his goals.” - Paul


"It is good to know that mentoring really can make a difference and that our work is appreciated. I want to express that being a mentor also enriches my life and for that one hour a week, being focused on my mentee reminds me to be mindful in other areas of my life as well." - Trisha


"We only had a brief chat but she told me that she really wanted a mentor." - LaShonda


"There was not a lot of verbal communication between us, I started to use a thumb ball activity, and it has helped her open up to me more, we use it every session now, also playing monopoly has got us talking more!" - Ellen


“Roland has commented that he looks forward to our sessions." - George


“Each visit I can feel our bond strengthen little by little. I'm not sure but it seems he is gaining a little more self-esteem and at least understanding that he has a choice in how he reacts to negative situations”. - David

4th Grader Wins Essay and Talks about His Mentor

Gary the Spiderman  | Mentee 2014


Fred Rogers defines hero as anyone who helps a child. When, I was young I thought a hero was someone like Spiderman, shooting strong webs and flying through the sky to help people and save them from bad guys. Even after my mother explained to me that a hero was someone who made a positive difference in your life, or a person who helps you improve your life in some ways, I still thought of Spiderman because he helped people and saved lives.
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