Parental InvolvementParental Involvement

Ms. Toni Ruffin, Parent Liaison
770.819.2438 ext. 260 or

Kids, as with life, you get out what you put in.

Parental Involvement Activities Plan

November is Parent Engagement Month.

Governor's Proclamation of Parent Engagement Month - Governor Perdue has signed a proclamation making November 2010 officially parent engagement month in Georgia.

Your Best GET INVOLVED Moment - The GaDOE needs your help in capturing parent's best GET INVOLVED stories!  There is no better way to inspire other parents to get involved than by sharing other parent's stories with them.  That is why we are looking to collect as many parent stories over the month of November and we need your help! Click on the link called "Best GET INVOLVED moment."  Once stories are collected we are looking to develop some type of publication to be used for future years that will be beneficial to our parents and inspire parents throughout our state.  Stories can be written anyway but we are asking that the parents briefly explain what the situation was, who was involved, what was the end result, and why it was their best get involved moment.  You may use the handout version of the Get Involved Brochure to help parent's in coming up with their best GET INVOLVED moment.  Please send all stories to Mrs. Ruffin by: Friday, December 10, 2010.