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Homework/Make-Up Test Policy

Homework: When our teachers assign homework they do so because it is important for the student to be able to have this learning opportunity to help show mastery of the standard. As a result, students not turning in homework will be assigned to either Lunch Homework Lab and/or Grade Protection System. Both of these learning interventions are designed to ensure students complete assigned learning task. This will assist teachers in measuring a student's mastery of the standard being taught.

J.J.Daniell Middle School follows the make-up work policy outlined in CCSD Board Policy.

Excellent attendance is a necessity to have good grades. As outlined by the Georgia Department of Education, students should not miss more than five days of school whether it is excused or unexcused. All students missing six days of school or more are reported to the Department of Education and impact a school's College and Career Readiness Performance Indicator.