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Bring Your Own Device

As new technologies continue to change the world in which we live, they also provide many new and positive educational benefits for classroom instruction. Therefore, we have decided to pilot the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at our school in 8th grade math and science classes. In this initiative, students are encouraged to bring their own technology devices to school to assist their learning experiences.

At Daniell Middle School the use of technology has been embedded into our instruction for many years. Laptops, computers, smartboards, classpads, I-Respond units, graphing calculators, plotters, CAD software, etc., all help students learn by doing. As an example, using a variety of technological resources students can learn mathematical concepts while applying the laws of physics and using graphic arts to design the fastest car to compete in Formula 1 state and national competitions. In essence, technology is a tool our teachers can use to help engage students in learning and let students acquire skills needed in today’s workforce. As with any technology use, it is always teacher directed and has desired learning outcomes.

This school year, upon teacher direction a student may use a smart device in one of the 8 grade math or science classes which is piloting the Bring Your Own Device concept at our school. Just as teachers have been directing student use of laptops in the classroom for the past several years, the use of a smart device will now serve as an additional tool these teachers will have to help seek the desired student performance outcome.

In addition to the resources students may bring with them to assist with their own learning, Daniell Middle School also has seven computer labs, two mobile laptop stations, and many classes with multiple computers. Every classroom has at least one computer. Daniell has approximately one computer for every two students. Student access to computers occurs with teacher supervision. Students are allowed to do research and work on performance based projects in the media center. In addition, teachers may bring their classes to a computer lab or bring the lab to them using the mobile laptop stations. In classes with multiple computer stations, teachers may even have students working on different tasks to help differentiate the learning for students.

Teachers who will pilot BYOD in their classroom will monitor student work on laptops and smart devices through teacher observation. The student use of technology ithroughout the school will not be allowed without explicit teacher direction. Individual classroom teachers may choose to implement BYOD concepts into their instruction.

Using technology serves as an advantage to students. The job skills and world we lived in twenty years ago is markedly different from the world today’s students are growing up in and will be working. From typewriters to desktops and smartphones to social media, the world is constantly changing. At Daniell, we are working to make sure our students will learn the skills needed to be more successful in high school and to learn how to be a life-long learner. The one constant in the world is change. So, to be effective as an educator we must teach our students how to integrate new thoughts into their existing behaviors and paradigms, understand the ramifications, defend their positions, and evaluate their own thoughts and practices.

Click here to view the contract students and parents will need to complete before using their own device in their teacher's classroom.

Click here to view a Prezi to learn more about BYOD.

BYOD in the Workplace