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Concert Etiquette

The Fine Arts Department produces many student performances for our community throughout the year. The following are considerations and protocols to be followed during student performances.

  • Cell phones should be on vibrate or turned off.
  • Audiences should not talk during performances.
  • Moviing around distracts the students as well as the audience. If you have an emergency and must get out of your seat, please wait until there is a break in the performance. If you have to leave the auditorium, wait outside until a break between selections to re-enter. If you have a small child who needs your attention, it is okay to remove them immediately.
  • Applause is what affirms to the performers that you are enjoying the concert and appreciate their efforts. Applaud when the conductor and/or guest performers walk onto the stage. Applaud at the end of each selection when the conductor turns toward the audience and bows. It is okay to cheer for the students only at the conclusion of the group performance.