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Student Services Staff
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David Nelson Principal
Javella Simmons Assistant Principal (Students L-Z)
Amy Stump Assistant Principal (Students A-M)
Office Staff
Debbie Giesler Principal Secretary
Wanda Jenkins Pupil Personnel Clerk
Lynés Cruz González Bookkeeper
Vacant ParentVue Coordinator  
Denette Wynn  Facilty Usage Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator  
Support Staff
Jonathan Tabb Social Worker
Natalie Lussier Psychologist
Roy Kindel Campus Police Officer
Tayler Cahill Nurse
Stephanie Cockrell ISS and Community Outreach Coordinator
Kelly Robinson Manager, Food Service
Darlene Cole  Food Service Assistant    
Tammy Driggers  Food Service Assistant   
Phyllis Hale  Food Service Assistant   
Mulu Lemma  Food Service Assistant    
Kerry Owenby Food Service Assistant   
Tammy Pickelsimer  Food Service Assistant   
Catherine Shuler  Food Service Assistant    
Susan Woo-Lee Food Service Assistant    
Guidance Staff
Lauren McAfee Counselor  (Students L-Z)
Cayce Pope Counselor  (Students A-M)
Media Center
Sara Harris Media Specialist
Michelle Bugbee Media Clerk
Guest Services
Gwendolyn Carter Supervisor, Guest Services  
Pam Harper Assistant Supervisor, Guest Services
Tony Handing Guest Services
Ruby Harris Guest Services
Tonya Griffin Guest Services
Sheila McClure Guest Services


Sixth Grade
Melinda Atkinson  Math, Math Department Chair  
Amy Cortez Language Arts, Language Arts Department Chair
Susan Cronin Academic Habits Social Studies
Mary Brennan Academic Habits Science
Frances Hebb Science
Kerri Hirsch Social Studies
Leslie Keith Science
Elizabeth Newcomb  Language Arts Foundations
Kevin Vernie Social Studies  
Pam Winarski  Language Arts
Jane Wilson   Math   


Seventh Grade
Helen Arrington Science
Gail Gigantino Language Arts
John Kendall Business and Computer Science
Melody Hatcher Language Arts
Kevin Hogan  Social Studies  
Kimberly Hunt Math  
Kanika Nolasco Academic Habits Reading
Rick Parker Social Studies, Advanced Content Department Chair
Paul Pemberton Academic Habits Math  
Amanda Saulsbury  Science  
Rebecca Tiffin Math  


Eighth Grade
Joanna Burdell Social Studies, Social Science Department Chair  
Amy Cortez Language Arts, Language Arts Department Chair
Megan Harris Mack Spanish  
Jim Hawlk Science, Science Department Chair
John Kendall Business and Computer Science
Michael Mende Language Arts
Elizabeth Newcomb Language Arts
Paul Pemberton Academic Habits Math  
Jim Rowell


Mary Jane Shaw Social Studies
Jennifer Travers Science
Rebecca Weaver Math


Special Education
Mary Ann Bednarz Speech  - 6,7,8  
Carole Benavides Reading - 6,7,8, Study Skills
Shirley Bailey MOID - 6,7,8
Amanda Burd Language Arts - 8, Academic Habits - 6
Kacy Clark MOID - 6,7,8
Tracy Corley Language Arts - 7, Academic Habits - 7  
Suzanne Ehlers Science - 6,8
Maryjane Gates  Social Studies - 6,8  
Shelley Hayes  Math - 6,8 
Wade Okuno  Science - 7,8  
Meg Olejack Math - 6,7  Special Education Co-Department Chair
Kelly Rainwater  Language Arts - 6, Special Education Co-Department Chair  
Shirley Bailey MOID - 6,7,8
Weneka James Social Studies - 7,8  
Darlene Chamberlin Paraprofessional
Carolyn Jenkins Paraprofessional
Debbie Mauldin Paraprofessional
Toyansia Moise Paraprofessional
Ferry Parvinian Paraprofessional

Susan Cronin ESOL
Rita Mohrmann ESOL


Austin Baxley  Band   
Jill Crossman Health/Physical Education
Jana Cummiskey  Orchestra  
Becky Forbes STEM Engineering and Technology, Invention and Innovation, Advanced Technological Systems
Cara Hawkins Art
Chrissy Holbrook Band
Selina Madison Chorus, Fine Arts Subject Area Coordinator
Jeff Montgomery Health/Physical Education, Connections Subject Area Coordinator
Laura Steiglitz  STEM Family and Consumer Science