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Daniell: An Experience Just Waiting to Be Discovered

  • Knowing students may enter different high schools based on their field of study, Daniell offers virtual learning for eighth grade students. Students enrolled in Daniell Virutal Learning may enroll in specialized classes that support magnet school curricula, foriegn languages not taught on campus, or accelerated math courses.
  • Daniell offers three academies for eighth grade students: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; Leadership, Law, and Public Service; and International Spanish Language. Acceptance into any of these academies not only allows middle level students the opportunity to explore more rigorous course options, but also is aimed at helping them be better prepared for acceptance into the academies at our award winnning, feeder high school, Sprayberry High School.
  • Students in eighth grade have the opportunity to earn at least one high school credit in Spanish. However, depending on the personalization and preparedness of each student up to six high school credits may be obtained. High school credit courses are available in: Chinese, Spanish, Business Education, Physical Science, Algebra I, and Art.
  • In an effort to continue to move to digital learning and buttress our STEM initiative, our school is participating with Project Lead the Way. As the nation’s leading provider of K-12 STEM programs, Project Lead The Way (PLTW) provides world-class curriculum to students and high-quality professional development to teachers in more than 6,500 schools across the country. The technology curriculum from this program helps students understand how their education is relevant to their lives and future careers.

Design & Modeling
Students apply the design process to solve problems and understand the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives. They work in teams to design a playground and furniture, capturing research and ideas in their engineering notebooks. Using Autodesk® design software, students create a virtual image of their designs and produce a portfolio to showcase their innovative solutions.

Automation & Robotics
Students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students use the VEX Robotics® platform to design, build, and program real-world objects such as traffic lights, toll booths, and robotic arms.


  • Our building was built as a junior high school not a middle school. So, what does this mean? Most middle schools built today are constructed on a pod concept. This means that most of a student's classes are right next to each other. This could mean that some schools may not even need passing periods. Schools built as junior highs are not built on a pod concept. This means that students walk from class to class and typically will need a passing period. We have found that students who are used to moving from class to class and having passing periods are very comfortable making the transiton to high school. In addition, our building is special as our sixth graders have their own wing which keeps them separated from 7th and 8th graders. We also are able to have separate halls for 7th graders and, in turn, 8th graders.
  • In March of 2018, 100% of our certified staff will be Microsoft Innovator Educator Certfied. Such certification helps ensure our students are being taught in a digital age school.
  • Alternative learning environments such as the Shark Tank and Learning Commons are available for students to work collaboratively to solve STEM problem based learning activities. Seeking to provide a digital learning environment, our school is a bring your own device school. In addition, we have laptops, desktops, iPads, portable projectors, all-in-one computers, Simplicity Touch devices, media scapes, and a video production and sound room.
  • Daniell offers special programs like musicals, talent shows, a Step Team, a broadcast news network, and LEGO Robotics. In addition, our school holds a charter with the NASSP to have a National Junior Honor Society. Currently, there are a large number of different clubs and organizations for students to join. Our school also has quarterly honor roll celebrations where over 600 students are recognized. Approximately 85% of our student population participates in the band, chorus or orchestra and there are numerous performance opportunities and field trips associated with being a part of these groups. 8th grade band, chorus, and orchestra members have the opportunity to attend a Disney or Universal Studios field trip.
  • Daniell is one of the few CCSD middle schools to offer CTAE programs such as Family and Consumer Science and Technology. Because we offer these programs we have a natural pathway for students to experience STEM. Our technology courses provide students with opportunities to learn Solid Works Engineering which uses CAD software for 3D design and manufacturing. While at our school, students have the opportunity to use CAD software to create 3D objects and have access to the same software programs used by businesses and industries worldwide. Students also have exposure to coding and design elements in these classes. Our Family and Consumer Science course will help students learn life skills that can be used as they grow into adulthood.

Curriculum: Preparing Students for High School Success

We are proud to offer a strong and robust curriculum curriculum for our students. While at the middle school level, students may earn high school credit for Art, Business, Coordinate Algebra/Analytic Geometry, Chinese, Spanish, and Physical Science. In addtion, students may become Solid Works certified and Microsoft Certified.

Our curriculum is designed so that students leaving us at the end of eighth grade have the opportunity to earn at least one high school credit.

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