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Our Practice

Daniell Middle School’s teachers use a variety of research-based instructional strategies shown to produce the highest percentile gains when used consistently with students. In addition, our teachers provide differentiated instruction and adjustment of content, product, process and/or learning environment to students according to their needs. Our administrators serve as instructional coaches to our teachers to help increase their effectiveness with teaching and student learning.

This approach focuses on teaming, student performance, motivation and higher levels of adult advocacy, richer student-teacher relationship building, the empowerment of students, teachers, and parents to take a more active role in the experiences offered in schools, and curriculum articulation across grade level.

We use the analogy of our work being like a tree. The students are our leaves. We want them to be as healthy and plentiful as possible. As with any plant, to have healthy foliage a gardener needs to ensure a healthy root system. Our root system is defined by our foundations of instruction, curriculum, stakeholder engagement, safety, data, and time. To ensure our roots are healthy, we use nutritious soil for our roots to be able to grow. Our soil is our staff. We supplement our soil with fertilizer when needed to help make sure it is always ready to to nourish the roots. The fertilizer is our initiatives we work on to improve all we do. We use data to determine what type of fertilizer we need to add. Currently, we are supplementing our soil with professioanl learning communities, digital age classrooms, the health and wellness program, and the positive behavior intervention support. The tree itself is all of our practices we use with our students and our staff. From mapping our lessons to ensure students are taught standards to providing accelerated intervention when students need enrichment or assistance, the tree and its' branches are what we do on a daily basis.