Student Safety is Always a Top Priority at Daniell

We take safety seriously at our school. The following are just a few of the protocols we ask our families to follow.

All guests are expected to check-in at the front office. Please be mindful that if class has started a teacher can not be pulled from his/her class. Likewise, nor can they have visitors. Parents/Guardians may leave your contact information with the office staff, and they will make sure the teacher gets the information to return your call or schedule an appointment.

If your child is arriving after 9:15 am, we ask parents/guardians to sign their student in at the front office. In following this procedure, the school knows that the parent/guardian is aware of why the child is late.

Daniell has received the Georgia Emerency Management Agency Award from the Cobb County School District in recognition of our effort to promote a safe school and that our school safety plan is in compliance with O.C.G.A. sect. 20-2-1185.

In addition to the steps outlined above, we have also asked Ident-A-Kid to return to our school. They will be providinig students with Pre-Driver Immediate Response Cards for emergency uses. An electronic form of your child'd ID card can also be sent to your cell phone. Forms are being sent home this week. Please read the form for important safety information that the card provides. Cost is $8.00 for one card.

Ident-A-Kid will be at our school on Friday, August 24. If you have questions, please contact Julie Costanzo at 678-469-7429.