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Use USA Test Prep to Improve Georgia Milestones

Every Daniell Middle School student can benefit from using USA Test Prep to improve CRCT scores. This home-based internet program is simple to use and your child already has a member login account. Teachers can actually monitor how often your student uses the program. USA Test Prep supports language arts, reading, mathematics, science, and social studies by breaking down questions into the same domains as tested on the Georgia Mielstones through vocabulary, tests, practice, games, and videos. Encourage your child to get started and log as many hours as he or she can, even if just playing the games. And if you are up for the challenge, it makes for great family trivia too! You will be amazed at the academically challenging work your student is expected to know.

The computer assisted tutorial program can not only help students who are struggling with particular topics in a subject area, it can also help provide enrichment to students to assist them in learning at higher levels.

Access USATestprep here.