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Why Daniell?

The Cobb County School District is proud to provide our community with great schools. Because we are one district, regardless of the school your child attends, there are certain services in each school that are in common such as great teachers who are highly qualified and the same core curriculum. However, each school also has its' own personality and feel that is created by the community it serves and the leadership of the students, parents, teachers, and administration. With over fifty years of service to the community of East Cobb, Daniell Middle School has developed a personality that is vibrant, engaging, and innovative.

State and Nationally Recognized

For four years running, Daniell has earned a five star school climate rating from the Georgia Department of Education. We have been ranked by Niche as being in the top 10% of best public middle schools in the United States and in the top 1% of the most diverse public middle schools in the United States. Niche ranks Daniell as the #1 most diverse middle school in Cobb County (inlcusive of Marietta City Schools and Cobb County Public Schools).

Personalized Learning Opportunities

With the purpose of preparing students for high school success, Daniell offers a Scholar's Academy with three fields of study: international Spanish language; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; and leadership, law, and public service. The academies are designed to provide enhanced study in these fields with exposure to careers so that students may be better informed of what they may choose to study in high school. In addition, Daniell offers Daniell Virtual Learning opportunities that makes it possible for students to take courses such as Japanese III or advanced, high school mathematics curricula. The virtual learning opportunities are facilitated by Daniell's Instructional Media Specialist. All students who leave Daniell after being with us through their entire eighth grade year have could  leave their middle school experience having earned at least one high school credit and have the possiblity of earning up to six high school credits (high school physical science, high school algebra, Spanish I, high school art, Chinese I, and a multitude of virtual learning opportunities).

Tailored Curriculum

The Daniell learning community believes that it is important for our students to still be treated like kids. Most of our students range between the ages of 10-14 depending upon birth date. As a result we focus on teaching the whole child and work to make school fun. Our connections classes are designed so that in sixth grade students sample all our electives. In sixth grade connections classes are nine weeks in length. In seventh grade students narrow their focus by taking semester long courses. Then in eighth grade students narrow their focus even more by taking year-long or full semester courses. The learning community at Daniell believes that all students need exposure to STEM not just students in a specific pathway.

Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education

Depending on what curriculum each student takes during their middle school experience, students have the opportunity to learn life skills through our Family and Consumer Science class and to learn valuable skills in design, modeling, and coding through our Engineering and Technology courses.

Digital-Age Classroooms

Teachers at Daniell are all currently being trained to be Microsoft Innovator Educator Certified. Office 365 is the platform used in the curriculum to augment learning. All students have an Office 365 account which maybe used both on and off campus, and allows students to download Microsoft Office software for use at home. Daniell is a "BYOD" (bring your own device) school. This means that students are encouraged to bring their internet accessible devices to the school and use the BYOD wireless network during teacher permitted times. Daniell also uses devices such as Simplicity Touch with NovoPro Software, all-in-ones, laptops, and iPads. Pocket projectors are available for checkout so that the material a student has researched may be projected anywhere learning may be occurring.

Student Voice

Student voice is encouraged at Daniell. From opportunities to help direct the focus of learning in the classroom to clubs that are offered, student voice has proven to be an important asset to the success of our school. Examples of how student voice has shaped our school is the creation of the Shark Tank - a learning biome designed by students which encourages collaboration and research. As a result of student voice, Daniell now offers over twenty clubs and organizations for students to get involved with at school.

Discover Daniell

We invite you to come to our learning environment and discover for yourself what makes Daniell a great fit for your child's learning needs. Call our school today to visit with one of our awesome counseling team members to schedule a time that you can come discover what Daniell has to offer.