Davis Elementary School

Kristin Erbskorn, Principal

Jill Spiva, Assistant Principal

Davis Elementary School
2433 Jamerson Road
Marietta, GA 30066
Phone: 678-494-7636
Fax: 678-494-7638

Davis Volunteer Information

We love our volunteers. Thank you for your time and hardwork in our school.

Cobb County School District FERPA guidelines for parent volunteers require that ALL parent volunteers must watch a very brief (about 3 minute) video that outlines the FERPA guidelines that must be followed and how they relate to volunteers working in schools
Anyone volunteering must watch the video and sign the agreement. Anyone coming in to volunteer can take few minutes to view the video and sign the form. The form only has to be completed once and Davis will keep the form on file.

Prior to your first volunteer shift, please review the Cobb County Volunteer Policy using the links below:

School Volunteers and FERPA (watch video)
Acknowledgement of Volunteer Responsibilities under FERPA Agreement (print and sign)

We appreciate all that you do!!