1725 Bill Murdock Road
Marietta, GA 30062
Office: 770-578-2726
Fax: 770-578-2728


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Please note that teachers and administrators are in the classroom or working with students for most of the day. In some circumstances, it may take up to 24 hours for them to reply to your e-mail or phone message. Messages left on Friday may not be returned until Monday. Thank you.


Dr. Patricia Alford Principal
Tia Bryller Assistant Principal  
Gary Jackson Assistant Principal
Dr. Kim Kranzlein Assistant Principal
Linda Deckner-Glick Support & Services Administrator

Office Staff

Lisa Boardman Secretary
Pamela Sewell Bookkeeper
Linda Caballero Pupil Personnel Clerk
Shannon Petrucci Clerk
Mary Ortland School Nurse

Multi-grade Instructional Staff

Joanna Montalvo ESOL Teacher
Joyce Kemper MID  Teacher
Kathy Belyea MID Paraprofessional
Leia Morgan Vision Impaired Teacher
Phyllis Ellison Braille Clerk
Maureen Collins Vision Impaired Paraprofessional
Susan Hinck ISS Paraprofessional  
Karen Sanacore Speech Teacher  
Jennifer McIntosh IRR Paraprofessional
Julie Itkin OI Paraprofessional

Counseling Staff

Unique Aquino Counselor
Tonia Martin-Gatlin Counselor
Angie Bruce Counselor (part-time)
Natalie Matheny Galvin Counselor (part-time)

Library Learning Commons

Sue Klodnicki Media Specialist
Sara Khosravi Media Paraprofessional

Auxiliary Staff

Officer William Kretzmer CCSD Campus Police Officer
Vicki Bunke School Psychologist
Karen Schwartz Social Worker
Carrie Lowery Technology Training Integration Specialist
Mary LeFevre Foundation Technology Clerk
Tara White Field Services Technician  

6th Grade

Reading Michelle King 
Cole Hansard 
Betsy Markman   
English Language Arts Lisa Majewski 
Pam Winarski 
Kelly O'Brien 
Amanda Dillard 
Math Janie Smalley 
Shanna Walker 
Kim Clark 
Kathleen Atkins 
Science Donna Halverson 
Dan Clark 
Jill Stittleburg 
Christine Heuel 
Social Studies Brian Wilson 
Claire Giles 
Lindsay Leatherwood 
Christine Heuel 

7th Grade

English Language Arts  
Social Studies  

8th Grade

Reading/Origins of Language  
English Language Arts  
Social Studies


Dave Lucey Business
Joan Weatherford Art
Patrick Holman Technology

Fine Arts

John Jeffres Band
Brian Westphal Band
Ashley Culley Orchestra
Jessica Lewis Orchestra
Chris Whittington Chorus  
Chandler Scott Chorus

Physical Education/Health

Clint Daniel Physical Education/Health
John Ivers Physical Education/Health
Trent Weiser Physical Education/ Health
Leslie White Physical Education/Health

Custodial Staff

Harold Sanders Head Custodian
John Williams Assistant Head Custodian
Scotty Appleby
Robert Taylor
Sheila Terry
Brittany Wyatt

Cafeteria Staff

Suzanne Leuck Cafeteria Manager
Kieu Douglas
Ahdiyeh Janathi
Rodina Mahfroujaki
Sonya Lee
Sally Mallis
Leah Tolar