Faculty and Staff

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Leetonia Young Principal email
Dreina Gary-Robinson Assistant Principal - 6th Grade email
Andri Cooke Assistant Principal - 7th Grade email
Dr. Nicole Sheppard-Floyd Assistant Principal - 8th Grade email
Linda Deckner-Glick  Support and Services Administrator  email 
Alain Blot School Leadership Intern email


Office Staff
Marilyn Reade Secretary email
Deborah Kubis Bookkeeper email
Debby Stover Attendance email
Susan Wilkins Discipline Clerk email
Jeanne Holley Registration email


Support Staff
Monica Bright Social Worker email
John Tallent Speech email
Cheryl Evans Academic Coach email
Kathryn Kilkenny TTIS email
Helena Jacobsen School Nurse email
Chris Northen Campus Officer email
Elena Williams Title I Parent Facilitator email
Desiree Sheppard ISS email
Professional School Counselors
Chenedra Garnigan 8th Grade email
David Colbert 7th Grade email
Myra Would  6th Grade email
Learning Commons 
Laura Falthzik Media Specialist email
Catherine Barnes  Media Parapro email
Custodial Services
Natasha Arnette Custodian email
Bobby Atterbury Head Custodian II email
Dayshia Harwell Custodian email
Sainabou Hydara Custodian email
Stacy Finnegan Custodian email
James Little Head Custodian I email
Maria Pacas Custodian email
Torie Wilson Custodian email
Michelle Smith Manager email
Marsha Bacon Assistant Manager email



Team 6A
Audra Bothers  Math 6/7 and Math 6 email
Gail Brown Language Arts email
Lisa Jenkins  Social Studies email
William Hinsley Science email
Team 6B
Jennifer Katz  Math 6 email
Alissa Stanhope   Language Arts email
Charles Coffelt Social Studies email
Brittany Dudek Williams  AC Science email
Team 6C
Yolanda Ledesma Advanced Math and Math 6 email
Filia Wappas Language Arts email
Christian Wood   Social Studies   email 
Sarah Hart Science email
Carol Morreale Social Studies email
Regine Boyer   Language Arts email
Shannon Ventresca Science email
Shane Petrillo Social Studies email 
Amanda Leach Math 6 email



Team 7A
Haley Janas   Math 7   email 
Jessica Kalina Language Arts email
Mary Denney Social Studies   email 
Chinequa Shelander Science email
Danielle Crabbe Science/Social Studies email
Team 7B
George Del Castillo Math 7 email
Andrew Trowers Language Arts email
Chenee Gilbert Language Arts email 
Patrice McBean  Social Studies email
Angie Kim  Science email
Team 7C
Vincent Tornincasa Math 7/8 and Advanced Math   email
Freya Sneed Language Arts email 
Virginia McAnear  Social Studies email 
Danielle Beasley Science  email 
Regine Boyer   Language Arts email
Shannon Ventresca Science email
Shane Petrillo Social Studies email
Adina Lambert   Math 7 and Math 7/8  email 



Team 8A
Bo Bortnyk Advanced Math 8 email
LaTanya Walker Language Arts email
Jamiliah Weathersby Social Studies   email 
Karen Searles Science  email 
Team 8B
Lynn Boykin  Math 8 email
Sonja Little  Language Arts email
William Wilson Social Studies email
Melissa Kennedy   Science email 
Diana Prince Math 8 email 
Team C
LaDonna Stephens  GSE Algebra I and Math 8 email 
Quandus Patterson Language Arts email
Chenee Gilbert  Language Arts  email 
Katoria Williams  Social Studies  email 
Carol Morreale Social Studies email 
Charmagne Quenan Science email
Casey Enloe Science  email 
Damaris Cortes Language Arts email
Shannon Ventresca Science email
Shane Petrillo Social Studies email 
Cameron Ward Latin email



Damaris Cortes ELL email
Stella Etta-Tawo ELL email
Lawinia Pagliuso ELL email



Angela Frutoz Art email
Margo King  PLTW/STEM email
Amanda Gardiner Math Support email
Leslie Jonas  Read 180  email 
Morgan Watkins  Business Education email 
Maria Lazaro  FACS email 
Yira Cruz  Spanish  email 
Fine Arts
Gregory Denson  Band email
Valarie Stoney Assistant Band email 
Patrick Walsh  Assistant Band  email 
Vanessa Helms Chorus email
Kathryn Encisco  Orchestra  email 
Health/Physical Education
Emily Carchio PE/Health email
Brent Ray PE/Health  email
Nicholas Vatzakas PE/Health  email
Jaime Dang PE/Health email
Frederick White PE/Health email
Special Student Services
Addison Brooks   email
Brenda Childers    email 
Tammie Doster   email
Caroline Elliott   email 
Rebecca  Hannahs   email 
Clayton Haywood    email 
Brook Heard email
Amber Henderson   email
Hope Imarhia email
Alicia Kelley    email 
Paulette Mukoro    email
Audrey Russell   email
Aleem Shaw   email
Andrew Shively     email 
Joellen Standifer   email
Kristan Tarver    email 
Leann Fabian    email 
Shamin Shaw   email
Wanda Thomas   email
Anthony Ventresca   email
James  White   email