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Jeffrey Jones
Amanda Alter

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General Information:

Start Time: 7:50 AM
Dismissal Time: 2:20 PM

Staff Email

Elizabeth Mavity, Principal
Dr. Ashley Beasley, Assistant Principal
Jeffrey Jones, Assistant Principal
Hardy, Courtney - Student Services Administrator

Front Office
Pennie Bedsole, Bookkeeper
Pat Mabry, Secretary
Kris Michaelides, Front Desk
Sarah Ramsden, CSIS Clerk
Marlene Sheats, Attendance Clerk


Adams, Becky - Cafe
Agnew, Mary - ESOL
Alderson, Kawanna - 2nd Grade
Alexander, Dawn - Media Specialist/Learning Commons
Alter, Amanda - Computer Lab
Anderson, Kelly - 3rd Grade
Anderson, Nancy - Kindergarten
Appel, Jennifer - 4th Grade
Arnette, Kelli - EIP
Ayres, Leslie - EIP
Bankhead, Janell - 2nd Grade
Batista, Yolaine - Custodian
Becker, Jayne - 1st Grade
Bedsole, Robert - Head Custodian
Behrens, Katie - 5th Grade
Bicking, Alyssa - 1st Grade
Brooks, Mihaela - 4th Grade
Brooks, Paige - 5th Grade
Brown, Jessica - 2nd Grade
Bunn, Rosalind - 3rd Grade Special Education
Cardwell, Amy - Kindergarten
Carlson, Danny - Science Lab
Chadwick, Faith - Physical Education
Clackum, Debra - Kindergarten
Collier, Jill - Speech
Cronk, Kristin - Cafe Manager
Crumbley, Kelsey - 2nd Grade
Daniel, Trey - Physical Education
Dickey, Sonya - Cafe
Dunn, Maureen - Cafe
Edmondson, Stephanie - 2nd Grade
Field, Tess - 3rd Grade
Fox, Wendy - Kindergarten
Gant, Kirsten - Kindergarten
Garrett, Chandra - Counselor
Gault, Mary - Special Education
Gavin, Stacy - 5th Grade
George, Brian - Custodian
Gibbon, Elisabeth - 3rd Grade
Giesler, Katie - 1st Grade
Henrichs, Camille - Occupational Therapy
Henson, Melanie - 3rd Grade
Hetzel, Virginia - Counselor
Hill, Jodie - Computer Lab
Holt, Lane - Kindergarten
Jarvis, Holly - 3rd Grade
Jentink, Katherine - Kindergarten
Jones, Hailey - 4th Grade
Jones, Kelly - Target
Jones, Leslie - 3rd Grade
Judge, Kim - 3rd Grade
Kaltreider, Mary - Art
Keeline, Cheryl - Special Education
Keener, Meg - 4th Grade
Kidd, Lindsay - EIP
Kiel, Lisa - 4th Grade
King, Amber - 1st Grade
Larrson, Maria - 1st Grade
Lanier, Monica - Cafe
LaVine, Shana - 3rd Grade
Leedom, Anneliese - Cafe
Lemieux, Betsy - Special Education
Little, Sherry - Cafe
Lingerfelt, Jennifer - 3rd Grade
LLuria, Olga - Cafe
Lyjak, Leigh - Target
Mangus, Sandy - ASP Director
Marroquin, Kelly - 5th Grade
Matthews, Richard - Music
McDonald, Samantha - Kindergarten
McDonald, Vicki - Kindergarten
McGehee, Amy - 1st Grade Special Education
Meeker, Chelsea - 5th Grade
Meynard, Cindy - 1st Grade
Miller, Jennifer - 4th Grade
Mills, Jayme - 2nd Grade
Mitchell, Renee - Target
Morelli, Jessica - 5th Grade
Morrison, Trish - Kindergarten
Murray, Amy - Target
Newman, Shannon - School Nurse
Patel, Khushboo - 4th Grade
Paterson, Kathleen - 5th Grade Special Education
Peevy, Caroline - 2nd Grade Special Education
Pennington, Beth - Second Grade
Perme, Amanda - Speech
Phillips, Lindsey - 5th Grade
Reese, Ashley - Kindergarten
Reuther, Dorothy - Special Education
Richardson, Christina - 5th Grade
Roberts, Kelly - Kindergarten
Rose, Allison - 3rd Grade Special Education
Rowley, Anne - Counselor
Rudolf, Emily - 1st Grade
Sahadevan, Lyssa - 1st Grade
Shay, April - 3rd Grade Special Education
Sheppard, James - ESOL Facilitator
Short, Debra - Kindergarten
Slayton, Katrina - Math Lab
Smith, Linda - Kindergarten
Smith, Susanne - 1st Grade
Smithwick, Wade - Custodian
Stephens, Deborah - 2nd Grade
Taylor, Jessica - 2nd Grade
Turner, Kim - Kindergarten
Vavra, Susan - Media/Learning Commons
Vena, Alexandria - 5th Grade
Vidal, Katie - Kindergarten
Vrono, Jodi - School Psychologist
Walker, Lara - Kindergarten
Werbke, Sherry - Target
Whatley, Amy - Physical Education
Williams, Caroline - 5th Grade Special Education
Williams, Lauren - 4th Grade
Winterich, Amy - Custodian
Wright, Melissa - Cafe
Yarus, Stacy - 4th Grade Special Education