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RebeccaLopez_Art JohnBobo_PE CarolGabriel_EIP GinaKantor_EIP
ErinCallahan_OT LauraWalther_Resource Patricia Dess AndreaAubry_Speech JonBayer_Target PattiTashiro_Target
Rebecca Lopez Specialist - Art Room 504 Email Icon
Sherri Kenworthy Specialist - Media Media Center Email Icon
Colleen Crotty Specialist - Music Room 503 Email Icon
John Bobo Specialist - Physical Education Gym Email Icon
Carol Gabriel EIP - Kdg & 1st Room 109 Email Icon
Randi Brown EIP - 2nd & 3rd Room 207 Email Icon
Gina Kantor EIP - 4th & 5th Room 506 Email Icon
Bonnie McLaughlin
Special Student Services Room 110A Email Icon
Victoria Cummings ESOL Room 112 Email Icon
Erin Callahan O.T. Room 501A Email Icon
Stephanie Pou Psychologist Room 111A Email Icon
Lindsey Akers Resource Room 103 Email Icon
Lori Aromin Resource Room 307 Email Icon
Beth Byington Resource Room 204 Email Icon
Michele Walters Resource Room 303 Email Icon
Jacqueline Fross School Social Worker   Email Icon
Patricia Dess Science Lab - Grades 4 & 5 Room 505 Email Icon
Sabra McGinnis Science Lab - Grades K - 3 Room 505 Email Icon
Andrea Aubry Speech Room 202A Email Icon
Melissa Newton Speech Room 302A Email Icon
Jon Bayer Target Room 302 Email Icon
Patti Tashiro Target Room 300 Email Icon