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Key Events at the Grove!

Wednesday, February 21 - 2nd Round of State Girls' Basketball Playoffs
Campbell vs. Hillgrove, 6PM @ the Grove


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Hillgrove High School is excited to introduce Hawk Hour!

Sign up for Hawk Hour Sessions!

 What is Hawk Hour?

  • Hawk Hour is a one-hour block of time during the school day where students will sign up to attend sessions for intervention, acceleration, or enrichment.

  • Our expectation is that students will use this time wisely and make responsible decisions about which session to attend.

  • Students should review the list of Hawk Hour sessions and choose one session to attend on March 1.

  • Write down the session name, room, and teacher so you can sign up after winter break.

  • On Monday, Feb 26, and Tuesday, Feb 27, students must sign up for a session by writing their name on the sign-up sheet outside teachers' classrooms for the session they want to attend.

  • Students may sign up before school, between classes, during lunch, or after school on Monday and Tuesday only.


AP Exam Registration is Now Open

Sign up for Your AP Exams!

Students! It is time once again to register for your AP Exams!  Registration is open to ALL first and second semester AP students. Click here to read the Hillgrove AP Registration flyer.  Please click here to register for your exams. NEW THIS YEAR: Carefully read the instructions about STEM exams.  Your 1st STEM exam is covered by the State.  See the registration site for a full explanation. Also please remember since taking the AP Exam allows you to exempt your final, if you elect to not take the AP Exam in May, your exemption will be revoked, a grade of zero will be entered, and you will have the opportunity to take the final exam. 


Home School & Private School Registration

Hillgrove will be be holding enrollments for home school and private school students on the following dates:

March 13th

March 14th (morning only)

March 15th

Please contact Ms. Carol Hughes at 678-331-1368 ext. 041 to schedule an appointment.

Promenade around the High

This year's prom will be held on Saturday, March 17 from 7PM - 11PM at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Tickets are $80.00. Please note: ONLY current 11th and 12th grade students may purchase prom tickets pending they have already paid their class dues.

NEW THIS YEAR - you may now purchase your prom tickets online! Please click here for instructions on how to purchase tickets through mypaymentsplus.com

2018 - 2019 School Choice

The Cobb County School District is again offering School Choice (HB 251) transfers for the 2018-2019 school year. Individual school capacity information and applications will be available beginning February 5, 2018 on the District website. For more information, please see our 2018-19 School Choice webpage.

Deadline for applying is Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

CCSD Issues New Sibling Transfer Rules

As we prepare to start our HB 251 process, your assistance in communicating some of the changes for this year.  The first major change to our process is the introduction of sibling transfers.  While siblings have had priority in the past, with recent Board action, those students will not be constrained by local school capacity.  However, in order to properly plan, siblings must apply during a designated application window.

 Sibling Transfers - Parents/guardians of a student who has a sibling already enrolled in a District school through an approved transfer may apply for a younger sibling to attend the same school in accordance with District Administrative Rule JBCD-R. This provision attempts to address siblings enrolled in different schools at the same time due to an approved transfer. A sibling is defined as a brother, sister, step-brother, or step-sister living in the same household and who otherwise meets the requirements for enrollment.  The application window for the 2018-2019 school year will be open from January 4, 2018 through January 31, 2018. 

 For more information about this opportunity, and for a link to the online application, visit http://www.cobbk12.org/generalinfo/transfers/schoolchoice.aspx.

Pre-Course  Reading

English Pre-Course Work - If you are taking one of the courses listed below, click on the link(s) to see your required reading. Please pay careful to the details for each assignment.

Social Studies Pre-Course Work - please pay careful attention to the required readings for the courses listed in this document.

2017-2018 Parking Applications

Parking applications for the 2017 - 2018 school year are now available. To receive a parking permit for the upcoming school year, students MUST bring in the following information:

  • A copy of your driver's liscense
  • A copy of your insurance (must show the expiration date)
  • A completed and signed Cobb County JGFF form

Applications are available outside the Admin 4 office. PLEASE carefully examine the timeline included in the application to insure your application is processed in a timely manner.

Hillgrove Electronic Physical Information

HILLGROVE WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT A PAPER PHYSICAL FORM. Instead, parents can register their student on their ParentVUE site for students in grades 8-12. You may click here to log into ParentVUE. If you cannot access your ParentVUE account, or need to create an account, please contact Sherry Scott or call 678-331-3961 ext. 233.  For more information on the Electronic Physical process, please click here.

Class of 2021 Information

Welcome class of 2021! By clicking here, you can view our 9th Grade Athlete's Parent Information Sheet. We hope this helps answer some of the questions you may have as you and your child navigate their crucial first year of high school.

NEW PSAT/SAT Resources!!!

New PSAT/SAT resources are available from Khan Academy. These resources have been placed into Office 365 for you to access anywhere. You can obtain directions for accessing the great new resources by clicking here.

Senior Yearbook Picture Quote

Click here to enter your Senior Yearbook Picture Quote

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Course Registration for 2018-2019 School Year

Course registration for next year will occur the week of March 5-9.  Page 2 of the catalog includes the registration process and dates for registration.  Please review the course catalog and begin selecting courses you plan to take next year.  The last page of the catalog is a Registration Worksheet that you can use to record your courses.  Students will receive official registration forms on Monday, March 5.  Many courses require applications or forms to be completed.  These applications and forms must be completed the week prior (Feb 26 – Mar 2).

Cobb County School District Magazine

 Please click here to view the CCSD Magazine and stay up to date with what's happening in our wonderful district.

Georgia Parent Survey

All Hillgrove parents are asked to take the Georgia Schools' Parent Survey online. The data from this survey will be used for the School Climate Star Rating. This brief survey has 24 questions and can be filled out on computer, mobile phone or tablet. All responses are anonymous and submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education.

Please click here to access the survey:  http://gshs.gadoe.org/Lists/Parents/NewForm.aspx

Thank you for your participation! 

What's Happening at the Grove!