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September 18 - 19th
How is Kincaid Preparing our Students in the Area of Literacy?
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October 22nd
How Can I Help My Child at Home in the Areas of Reading & Math?
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 Kincaid Elementary School serves gifted and high achieving students through differentiated curriculum and instruction with specially trained, certified teachers.  We currently offer Advanced Content Courses in 4th and 5th grade Reading, Language Arts, and Math. Screening for advanced content classes is completed automatically prior to the start of 4th grade. Placement in advanced content classes is based on nationally normed standardized tests such as the Iowa Test.  Fourth grade students in the advanced content classes must maintain an 80 or above average in each advanced content class to remain in the program for 5th grade .

Our gifted teachers also offer talent development services to our students in non-AC courses for additional opportunities to think critically and creatively. 

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