Kincaid School Council

Meeting Dates for the 2019-20 School Year

September 11, December 4, March 4, April 29


School Council Members


Kincaid School Council Purpose:

The establishment of the school council is intended to bring the community and school closer together in a spirit of cooperation to solve difficult education problems, improve academic achievement, provide support for teachers and administrators, and bring families into the school-based decision-making process. Kincaid School Council was established to help the Cobb County Board of Education develop and nurture participation, bring families and the community together with teachers and school administrators to create a better understanding of and mutual respect for each other’s concerns, and share ideas for school improvement. Kincaid School Council shall be reflective of the school community. O.C.G.A. § 20-2-85(a).

How often does the school council meet?

The School Council meets at least once a quarter. All meetings are posted on the Kincaid School Calendar and begin at 7:30AM in the school conference room.

Who can attend a school council meeting?

All meetings of the council are open to the public.

Who can be a member of the school council?

At a minimum, Kincaid School Council must consist of seven (7) members: four (4) parents/guardians (two of whom must also be businesspersons), two (2) certified teachers, and the school principal. Any parent / guardian of a student enrolled in Kincaid Elementary School, excluding parents/guardians who are also employees of the school, can be nominated to serve.

When are school council elections?

Elections for open positions are generally held in August with the term of office for elected council members commencing on September 1st through August 31st..

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