Lost Mountain Middle School

Lenora Nyeste, Principal

 Christy Gilley, SSA |  Shannon Kiger, AP  |  Allison Paulk, AP | Zac Wilson, Adm.

700 Old Mountain Road
Kennesaw, Georgia 30152
Phone: 678-594-8224
Fax: 678-594-8226

Welcome to Edmodo

Help for Parents

Edmodo Directions for Parents: Parents please create a “parent account” to see your child’s info and not simply use your child’s account. If you use their child’s account, you are seeing other student information in the Edmodo group. Parent accounts were established by Edmodo for the safety and security of all students.


The parent code is no longer in a blue box, it is a grey box on the left side of the page, scroll down to the bottom.
The help center is located by clicking on your profile picture on the top,right side of page.
The Teacher can locate an Student's Parent code by:
1. Selecting the Class/Group from the left side panel of the home page.
2. Clicking the “Members” tab from the left side panel.
3. Clicking the three horizontal dots next to a student's name.
4. Clicking "Parent Code" and the student's Parent Code will pop up.
Attached is a handout for parents. 
Also, Edmodo Accounts can be connected to Office365 and students can access their documents in their One Drive Folders while in Edmodo. There is an Edmodo App in their accounts.