Mableton Elementary School

Pamela Cain, Principal

Lori Arends, 2nd & 4th Administrator  |  Tracy Crum, 3rd & 5th Administrator
Meghan Hinton, K & 1st Administrator  |  Alycia Williams, Special Education Administrator

5220 Church Street
Mableton, GA 30126
Phone: (770) 819 -2513
Fax: (770) 819-2515

Mableton Clinic

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The clinic is located in the Front Office. The school clinic is staffed by the school nurse, Kimberly Churchill, LPN. The clinic is open 7:30 to 2:30 daily. The purpose of the clinic is to provide appropriate health care services for students during school hours. The school nurse administers medications according to the applicable policies, assesses and treats minor illnesses and injuries and makes parent and emergency contacts as needed. The school nurse will notify parents of conditions that make a child unable to function in the school environment. Under such conditions the parent must pick up their child within 1 hour. The school nurse will handle all issues related to the health and wellness of the students and staff.

Guidelines for Illness:

When can my child return to school?

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Cobb County School District and Mableton Elementary School welcome YOUR CHILD to KINDERGARTEN!!!

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In Cobb we take the education of our students very seriously and we know that HEALTHY children learn best!In order to keep your child healthy and safe at school, we provide a licensed nurse in every school building! >We invite you to contact your school nurse to discuss any health needs or concerns for your child.While preparing for Kindergarten please also obtain documentation from your health care provider regarding ALLERGIES, ASTHMA, DIABETES, SEIZURES or other health conditions that may require our assistance during the school day. Documentation paperwork can be obtained on Cobb County School District website, then given to your doctor to complete. Links are provided below:

Enjoy this very exciting time in your child's life and come back in July ready to LEARN!

Kim Churchill, LPN | School Nurse | Phone: 770-819-2513
Laura Jones BSN, RN | Consulting Nurse