Mableton Elementary School

Pamela Cain, Principal

Lori Arends, 4th & 5th Administrator | Tracy Crum, 2nd & 3rd Administrator  | Bonnie Cole, K & 1st Administrator | Alycia Williams, Special Education Administrator

5220 Church Street
Mableton, GA 30126
Phone: (770) 819 -2513
Fax: (770) 819-2515

Jaguars of the Month

August: Respect
Showing regard for the worth of someone or something Jaguar of the MonthJOM

September: Integrity
Steadfast adherence to a strict code of moral, ethical or artistic values; to consistently be truthful, sincere, and fair. Keeping one's word.

October: Responsibility
Taking care of one's self and others; to carry out a duty or task carefully and thoroughly

November: Citizenship
Respectful devotion or allegiance to one's country and/or school  
December: Compassion
Showing concern or sympathy for others

January: Resilience
The capacity to successfully manage high levels of change  
February: Tolerance
Consideration for the individual differences, views and beliefs of other people
March: Commitment
The obligation or pledge to carry out some action or to support some policy or person  
April: Accomplishment
Pride and appreciation for attending one's goals