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McClure BYOD Procedures and Policies

McClure Middle School is a BYOD school for the 2018-2019 school year. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. Students, with parental approval, may bring internet accessible technology to school to use for instructional purposes. This page will have resources for students, teachers and families to use BYOD to its fullest advantage.

You can download an informational PowerPoint presentation here.  This was the presentation shared with parents during the pilot phase of BYOD at McClure.

Permission forms will be sent home with the first day information packet.  You may also download the form below.  Once returned, students will be given a BYOD sticker that should be placed on their agenda.  Device use will begin on Monday, August 12th for those students who have returned their permission forms. Students will only be allowed to use their devices if they have their sticker displayed.

-Student Permission Form

Which Classrooms are BYOD?

You may use your device in any instructional area with teacher approval.  Watch your classrooms for a "YES/NO BYOD" sign.  If there is a day that your teacher does not want you to use your device during class he/she will display the NO BYOD sign.


You should not be using your device in the halls or in the cafeteria.  Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the student responsibilities listed below.

Suggested BYOD devices  may include laptops, netbooks, tablets (Apple and Android), iPod Touch, Smart phones, and eReaders. BYOD
Student Responsibilities

BYOD Goals

  • Promote higher order thinking, creativity, and other 21st Century Skills.
  • Increase student engagement
  • Promote greater collaboration (between teachers/students/parents) using Web 2.0 tools
  • Increase student access to technology/digital resources
  • Integrate technology seamlessly into curriculum
  • Increase project based learning activities
  • Raise achievement levels in core content areas
  • Model good digital citizenship
1.  You may only use your device in a BYOD approved classroom.

2.  You may use your device at the discretion and direction of the BYOD classroom teacher.  Watch for the BYOD sign!

3.  Your device may be used for instructional purposes, not for making phone calls, social texting or games without  teacher permission.

4.  Your device must be silenced on the bus and at school.

5.  You may not record images or sound without the express permission of the person being recorded.

6.  Your device should be flat on your desk when in use or put away when not in use.  Your BYOD sticker must be visible on your desk.

7.  You may only access the CCSD BYOD network, no other networks are allowed.

8.  You are responsible for your own tech support.  School system employees are not able to assist you. 

9.  You must charge your device at home, bring it to school fully charged.

10. You are the only one allowed to touch your device and you are responsible for its security.


BYOD Questions?

Please share your BYOD questions and comments with us.