McCleskey Middle School

Dr. Andrea Jenkins-Mann, Principal

Connie Erb, AP  |  Chase Stroempl, AP  |  Tera Marsh, SSA

4080 Maybreeze Rd
Marietta, GA 30066
Phone: (770) 928-5560
FAX: (770) 928-5562

Faculty and Staff Contact List

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Dr. Andrea Jenkins-Mann Principal Email
Connie Erb Assistant Principal Email
Chase Stroempl Assistant Principal Email
Tera Marsh Support & Services Administrator Email
6th Grade Subject Email Blog
Jessica Carlson Science Email Blog
Anna Luther Social Studies Email Blog
AC Social Studies Email ACBlog
Alana Lucero Language Arts Email Edmodo
Language Arts Email Blog
Joe Musick Science, AC Science Email Blog
Theresa Norton Language Arts Email Blog
Jennifer Skelton Math 6, Advanced Math 6, Math 6/7,  Math 7/8 Email Blog
Tara Stewart Social Studies Email Blog
Dr. Paula Whittle Math 6 Email Blog
7th Grade Subject      Email Blog
Janni Benson-George Language Arts Email Blog
Sharon Bonney Language Arts, AC Language Arts Email Blog
Kelly Sangster Math 7, Social Studies 7 Email Blog
April Larue Science Email Blog
Annette Simpson Science Email Blog
AC Science Email ACBlog
Blake Wright Advanced Math, Math 7 Email Blog
Hannah Zboray Social Studies, AC Social Studies Email Blog
8th Grade Subject      Email Blog
Jessica Clark Adv. Math 8, ACC CCGPS Coord Alg Email Blog
Heather Hafner Language Arts, AC Language Arts Email Blog
Doug Hale Science 8 Email Blog
Regel Jackson GA Studies Email Blog
Stefanie Keenan Math 8 Email Blog
Jeremy Moore GA Studies Email Blog
Megan O'Keeffe Science 8 Email Blog
Kate Robertson AC Language Arts Email Blog
PE/Connections Subject Email Blog
Anastasia Volarich Art Email Blog
Jody Miller Band Email Blog
Andrew Paller Band Email Blog
Eloyce Zinette Davis Business Email  
Carin Wilkes Health/PE Email Blog
Licia Murrell Music/Chorus Email Blog
Kevin Kampman Orchestra Email Blog
Cody Ames Health/PE Email Blog
Colley Ann Flynt .5 Spanish 8A2 Email Blog
Special Ed./ESOL Subject Email Blog
Tiffany Benincosa Language Arts 8 Email Blog
Jeri Henry Math 7 Email Blog
Michelle Hicks MID Email Blog
Rosalyn Domenick .5 Speech Email Blog
Annemarie Carter .5 Speech Email Blog
Joan Schluchter Social Studies 8 Email  
Linda Laney Social Studies 6, Science 6, Reading 6 Email Blog
Jan Mitchell Math 8 Email Blog
Math Support 8 Email Blog
John Powell Language Arts 6 Email Blog
Social Studies 6 Email Blog
Kathy Wicker AUX Email Blog 6th
  Email Blog 7th
  Email Blog 8th
Susan Reagan Science 7 Email Blog
Social Studies 7 Email Blog
Anita Shah MID Email  
Casey Wayne Science 8 Email  
Shayne Wilkins Math/Math Support, Science 6 Email Blog
Susan Young Language Arts 7 Email Blog
Paraprofessionals Subject Email
Mary Lubbers Paraprofessional Email
Liz Legg Paraprofessional Email
Jeanette George Paraprofessional Email
Darcy Rohan Paraprofessional Email
Chris English ISS Email
Mary Nobles Paraprofessional Email
Margaret Souter .6 Media Email
Support Staff - Classified Position Email
Tracey Blackwell CPO Email
Lisa Day Bookkeeper Email
Beth Decker Secretary Email
Barbara.Purdy Pupil Personnel Clerk Email
Support Staff - Certified Position Email
Amy Moss .5 ESOL UA1 Email
Amy Krengel Media Specialist Email
Shawn Martin School Psychologist Email
School Counselors Email Blog
Dr. Helen Nguyen Professional School Counselors Email Blog
Danette Noldy Professional School Counselors Email Blog
Food Services Position Email
Una Nyhan Cafeteria Manager Email
Martha Darling Cafeteria Staff Email
Kimberly Lofstrand Cafeteria Key Person Email
Shari Murdock-Twine Cafeteria Staff Email
Minnie Pacheco Cafeteria Staff Email
Lisa Rasmussen Cafeteria Staff Email
Laura Rubenstein Cafeteria Staff Email
Custodial Staff Position Email
Vanessa Hill Head Custodian II Email
Clarence Hayes, Jr. Head Custodian I Email
Brett Leverette Custodian Email
Michael Perry Custodian Email
David Westbrook Custodian Email