Mountain View Elementary School

Dr. Renee Garriss, Principal

Becky Hintz, Assistant Principal
Vickie Kogan, Assistant Principal

3151 Sandy Plains Road
Marietta, GA 30066
Phone: (770 ) 578-7265
FAX: (770) 578-7267

Mountain View 2019-2020 Information

Mountain View School Supply List

Blackboard Connect

Blackboard Connect for Parents is an avenue for local schools and CCSD to send messages and other communication to parents.

Visitor's Policy

All visitors, including parents, must sign in on the laptop located in the front office upon their arrival to the school. To preserve security and to protect instructional time, visitors may not proceed to classrooms unless they have a specific appointment to volunteer or a scheduled meeting with a staff member. Please note that school volunteers are now mandated reporters of child abuse.

Mandatory Reporting Information

Click here for important information regarding school volunteers and the Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Parents are encouraged to eat lunch with their children. Please note, fast food or restaurant food may not be brought into the school cafeteria.

Click here for Car Rider Procedures. We will use car rider tags during afternoon car pool

Morning drop off/car pool line begins at 7:20 AM.

Teachers are required to be in their classrooms at 7:15. Unless other arrangements have been made with a teacher or administrator, students may enter the school no earlier than 7:20 AM for their safety.

Late afternoon check out needs to occur prior to 2:00 PM.

Our front office is very busy with dismissal from 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM.

Attendance Policy

Regular and consistent attendance is important for our students and their academic progress. Mountain View follows the county’s attendance policy with the following procedures:
Please note that excessive absences (both excused or unexcused) can result in a referral to the school social worker. Tardies and repeated early checkouts are impactful to learning as well.

Fire Lane No Parking

Bus Lot/Fire Lane

Travel through the bus entrance or bus lot is prohibited during times when buses are due to load and unload students. This is a huge safety concern so our staff will take license plate numbers of offending vehicles and turn them over to the district's Public Safety Department.
Please do not park at the front curb even to run a quick errand in the front office as this is our fire lane. The Fire Marshall has been monitoring schools and issuing tickets to any cars parked in a fire lane.

Transportation Changes

Should you need to change your child’s afternoon dismissal, please send a written note to the classroom teacher that morning. You may not send transportation changes through email because the district has a strong SPAM filter that on occasion captures parent emails. Additionally, if the teacher happens to be absent, your email will not be received by the substitute. Last minute changes in your child’s dismissal cannot be accepted by telephone and MUST be received prior to 2:00 PM. You may send a fax to the school describing the needed change along with your signature to 770-578-7267. Please follow up with a call to the office staff to verify receipt of your fax.

Buzz In System

For security reasons, Mountain View does have all exterior doors locked with a front door buzz in system. All visitors, including parents, must buzz in and state their intended business to gain entrance. Visitors must then sign in at the front office and list their destination. To preserve security and to protect instructional time, visitors may not proceed to classrooms during instructional time unless they have a specific appointment to volunteer or a scheduled meeting with a staff member. Also, administrators have set schedules that frequently have them observing in classrooms so they do prefer meeting with parents by appointment. Those can be scheduled through the school secretary.