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Accelerated Reader is an active reading incentive program at Nicholson.  Once the students are able to read a book and use the computer independently, they take a computerized reading assessment quiz that helps to determine their reading level. The student then uses this reading level to choose books in the Media Center that are appropriate to their particular reading level.

In the Media Center, books have color-coded spine labels that reflect the reading level of that book.  The reading level and point value of each book is determined by the book's level of difficulty and length.

Yellow Label:  Reading Level         0.1 - 1.9
Red Label:      Reading Level         2.0 -2.9
Blue Label:     Reading Level          3.0 - 3.9
Orange Label: Reading Level         4.0 - 4.9
Green Label:   Reading Level         5.0 and higher
After reading the book, students take a computerized  test that helps to assess the student's understanding of the book.  They are automatically awarded points for each test they pass. 

Prizes are awarded when students reach predetermined point levels.