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Mission Statement

"Nicholson is the place where tomorrow's stars shine brightly today."


Vision Statement

Nicholson is a community that takes responsibility and recognizes the value of education; where each child learns without limitations and is prepared to succeed in an ever changing world.



  1.  Student learning is the primary focus of the school.
  2.  All students can learn and are valued as individuals with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.
  3.  A safe and comfortable environment promotes student learning academically, emotionally and physically.
  4.  Success for children is a result of the combined efforts of school, home and community.
  5.  The commitment to continuous improvements is imperative for our school to enable students to become confident, self-directed lifelong learners.
  6.  Curriculum and instructional practices should incorporate a variety of learning activities to accommodate differences in learning styles.
  7.  High expectations and active engagement help students in the learning process.
  8.  Appreciation for and participation in the visual and performing arts is an important part of a child’s education.