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Smyrna, GA 30082
Phone: (678) 842-5833
FAX: (678) 842-5835

Norton Park Faculty & Staff

At Norton Park, every student is important and all children receive the personal attention needed to develop their talents. The faculty and staff believe that learning should be an adventure and is paramount in understanding the world and the possibilities for change.

Norton Park Faculty Picture


Principal: Michelle Curry
Assistant Principal: Sherry Trimble Smith
Assistant Principal: Kris Teller
Student Services Administrator: Ida Solomon


Dr. Nakia Harrison Grimsley - Email
Ms. Patricia Jackson - Email

Academic Coaches

Tania Watson - Email
Tamara Morgan - Email


Kindergarten Learning in Cobb County

Kindergarten Blog
Debbie Barnes - Email
Mary Gina Carr - Email | Blog
Vanessa Loggiodice - Email
Marsha Senior - Email
Kate Gibson  - Email
Sherrie Wissing - Email

First Grade

1st Grade Learning in Cobb County

First Grade Blog
Delores Agbaje - Email
Jakki Goins - Email | Blog
Nicole Goode - Email
Adriana Lee - Email
Addie Anderson - Email
Lenis Lopez - Email
Violet Satchell - Email

Second Grade

2nd Grade Learning in Cobb County

Second Grade Blog

Christina Allegra - Email
Robyn Bryan - Email | Blog
Jennifer Ellis - Email
Deana Martin - Email
Elaine Rhymer - Email
Annemarie Foster - Email
Andrea Flores - Email

Third Grade

3rd Grade Learning in Cobb County

Third Grade Blog
Summer Aschenbach - Email
Amy Schnabel - Email
Erika Griffin - Email
Jenny Liu - Email
Tanekia Love - Email
Jennifer MacDonald - Email
Tricia Decarlo - Email
Kimberly Ureke - Email

Fourth Grade

4th Grade Learning in Cobb County

Ashley Borland - Email
Christina Burleson - Email
Jennifer Chandler - Email
Melissa Dunn - Email
Kathleen Fagan - Email
Amy Johns - Email
Melody McNatt - Email

Fifth Grade

5th Grade Learning in Cobb County

Lambert Bales- Email
Deborah Rago - Email
Caroline Lassiter - Email
Erica Rabsatt - Email
Ronel Saintvil- Email
Daisy Valentin - Email | Blog


Leslie Geiger - Email
Bryan McClenning - Email



Syneta Clarke - Email
Janet Donald - Email
Carrie Madden - Email
Danie Marshall - Email
Pennie Lemley - Email
Carrie Thomas - Email
Donna Wilson - Email


Madison Jacobi - Email
Jessline Torres - Email


Pam Rodgers - Email | Blog
Shannon Bourne - Email

Speech & Language

Maria Cooper - Email

Jennifer Samuel - Email

Wytona Johnson - Email


Carmen Rosales - Email

Laura Pater - Email


Nichelle Bryant-Fox - Email
Krystal Evans - Email
Ruth Caruso - Email
Rhonda Cooley - Email
Aron Lewis - Email
Terrance Wilson - Email
Katie Wool - Email

Office Staff

Karyn Bartel, Secretary - Email
Tiffany Childers, Bookkeeper - Email
Janesa Moreira, Clerk - Email
Jessica Casiano, Clerk - Email

School Nurse

Teresa Morgan - Email

Social Worker

Lara Fain - Email

Parent Facilitator

Marilyn Gonzalez-Soto - Email


Colleen Gibson - Email


Ruba Al-Ragib - Email
Kasey Barber - Email
Bertella Brown - Email
Janice Ceballos - Email
Andreau Perkins - Email
Vera Jungic - Email
Freda Mathis - Email
Faizulay Zapata - Email

Instructional Parapro
Carolyn Gamble - Email
Bertella Brown - Email

Special Needs Parapros
Kasey Barber, SNPK Rogers - Email
Tonya Jackson, SID/PID Rosales - Email
Margaret Reece, SNPK Rogers - Email
Jessline Torres, AU Jacobi - Email
Melinda Turnell, IRR - Email
Kendra Smith, Eison - Email
Stephanie Wallace, SNPK Bourne - Email
Jocelyn Soto-Toledo, SID/PID Rosales - Email


Sarah Kim - Email

Computer Lab Specialist
Amanda Gilbert - Email | Blog

Christian Artieda - Email

Brian Blalock - Email
Dontavious Lawson - Email

Science Lab
Gretchen Ayres - Email | Blog

Media Center

Delinda Jiles, Media Specialist - Email
Angela McDowell, Media Clerk - Email

Advanced Learning Program

Donna Caruso - Email

Read 180

Kathryn Johnson - Email

Food Service

Alegra Patillo, Manager - Email
Brenda Cobb - Email
Hanan Dabdoub - Email
Veronica Diaz - Email
Evelyn Martinez - Email
Wynetta Norwood - Email
Princess Pratt - Email
Esmeralda Uriostegui - Email

Lunchroom Monitors
Adriana Grant
Rodolfo Paz

Instructional Enviornmentalists

Miron Landers, Head Custodian - Email
Maria Paz - Email
Ernest Carter - Email
Charles Narcisse - Email