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 Changes at Oakwood for the 2018-2019 School Year

     The Cobb County School District has recently announced several changes to the Oakwood Digital Academy, which are set to take effect after the end of this school year.  Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, the Oakwood Digital Academy and the Cobb Performance Learning Center (PLC) will merge and become a new high school.  The learning format of this high school will continue to be more or less the same.  Students will continue to have a blended learning environment, as instruction will still primarily be done online through Grad Point and enhanced by one-on-one assistance and teacher-led instruction.  The new high school will continue to be housed on the Oakwood Campus.  Small class sizes and low student-teacher ratios will continue to be a part of the new high school.  Students will continue to be able to progress through their coursework at their own pace and students will continue to be able to graduate early if all coursework and testing requirements are completed.  Highly motivated students will continue to be able to earn more credits each semester than they would at a traditional high school.  The new high school will continue to be an alternative for students who, for various reasons, do not want to attend a traditional high school.  The name of the new high school will be Cobb Horizon High School.

     In addition to the merging of the Oakwood Digital Academy and the Cobb Performance Learning Center (PLC), proposed changes and modifications starting next school year that may directly impact those attending the new school include:

·         The new school will be a high school and not a program

·         Students will receive their high school diplomas from the new high school and not their previous high school

·         Students will not be allowed to participate in their previous high school’s graduation ceremony as they will be graduating from the new high school

·         All teachers at the new school will be directly employed by the Cobb County School District and Ombudsman will no longer be providing educational services at our campus

·         Currently enrolled students in good standing (i.e. have good attendance, grades, and behavior) will continue to attend the new high school if they choose to do so without having to reapply

·         The new school may be able to enroll up to 450 students at a time

·         The hours that students attend the new high school may change but a decision as to what they will be has not yet been made

·         After 42 years in education, Mr. Pearce, our current principal, will be retiring and Mr. Kelly  from Allatoona High School will be taking his place

·         For more inforamtion about applying to the new Cobb Horizon High School, including a link to its online application, please click here


     We will continue to keep students, perspective students, and parents/guardians informed about any additional changes.


Oakwood Digital Academy Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For TRANSCRIPTS and CERTIFICATES OF ENROLLMENT, please see Mrs. Coates in the front office.  Transcripts and certificates of enrollment cost $2.00 each, exact change only, please.

Were you a CCSD student who left the district more than two years ago and need a copy of your records?  Click here to order them online.

Our Vision

The Oakwood Digital Academy is committed to finding a way for our students to be successful by providing hope, encouragement, and essential academic skills on a path less-traveled.  We are committed to uplifting students through a shared vision of high expectations, excitement, and possibility in a risk free learning environment.

Click here to read Our Beliefs and Mission.

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