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Frequently Asked Questions About Oakwood


What is the class day like?

The Digital Academy is different from the traditional classroom. Oakwood students:

  • Participate in a compressed class day on a flexible schedule, which allows time for family and work responsibilities
  • Follow a prescribed learning path in a technology-rich environment
  • Work in a small classroom setting and receive one-on-one attention
  • Avoid typical classroom distractions
  • Collaborate on group projects and learning activities guided by Georgia certified teachers
  • Participate in community service projects as well as required volunteer and/or work study hours

Students are assigned to one of the following four hour sessions:

Session 1          7:30 - 11:30

Session 2        12:30 -  4:30


What can students expect at Oakwood?

Our non-traditional program is fine tuned for students who need a second chance or an alternative to the traditional high school model. Oakwood Digital Academy provides a true alternative in instructional format by creating a blended learning environment that allows students to work at their own pace.  The instructional format blends on-line learning with small group instruction and one-to-one tutoring allowing the teachers at the Digital Academy to create Learning Plans that are customized to the specific needs of each learner.

Each student will receive an Individualized Learning Program based on their academic needs. The individualized plan and computer-assisted personalized instruction allow students the freedom to work at their own pace and, in many cases, accelerate their learning. This instruction is complemented by teacher-led extended learning activities and small group instruction to help students apply their knowledge. The academic program is aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards, meets requirements for high school graduation in Georgia and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the organization that accredits Georgia schools.

A post-secondary transition coach is provided to assist students with job placement, job shadowing, internships, and mentoring opportunities. In addition, service learning opportunities will give students the opportunity to participate in meaningful community service projects and partnerships with Chattahoochee Technical College, and/or other institutions will provide post-secondary opportunities to students who wish to pursue them.


Who can apply to Oakwood?

To enroll at Oakwood, a student:

  • Must be a Cobb County resident.

  • Must be eligible to attend school in the Cobb County School District.

  • Must be at least 16 years of age.

  • Must have previously earned a minimum of 8 credits.

  • Must have reliable transportation to and from Oakwood each day.


What are some other facts about the application process?

  • Admission will be granted to students who are closest to meeting graduation requirements with priority placement going to juniors and seniors.

  • Applications remain on file for one semester from the date of submission.

  • Students will be notified when space is available.

  • After initial interview, a student’s file will be reviewed by the admissions committee and applicant will be notified of his/her acceptance status.  A student is not guaranteed admission merely because he or she submits an application or has an interview.


 Is there an attendance policy?

Yes. Attendance is very important at Oakwood and is strictly enforced. Students will be withdrawn after ten consecutive unexcused absences OR twelve total unexcused absences within a semester.


 Do students earn a high school diploma at Oakwood?

Upon completion of ALL graduation requirements (coursework and testing proficiency), students receive a diploma from their CCSD home school.

Students who have completed ALL graduation requirements (coursework and testing proficiency) are provided the opportunity to participate in their home school commencement ceremonies.


 Can ESOL students or students with IEP's enroll at Oakwood?

Oakwood Digital Academy is open to all Cobb County School District students who meet the enrollment criteria.  However, prospective students should keep in mind that this is a unique instructional environment built on a foundation of individualized digital learning.  As such, students spend a majority of their time reading from a computer screen, so the ability to read and comprehend is essential for success.

  • Students who are receiving services through ESOL should consult with their ESOL teacher at the home school to determine if Oakwood Digital is an appropriate academic setting. An ESOL teacher is at Oakwood on a consultant basis several times during the week. Please contact Jennifer Pritt in the district ESOL office at Jennifer.Pritt@cobbk12.org if you have questions regarding placement and ESOL services available at Oakwood.
  • Students who are receiving special education services should contact their case manager prior to making a decision to transfer to Oakwood.  In order for students with IEP's to enroll at Oakwood, there must first be an IEP committee meeting held at the home school in which the committee agrees with the change in academic setting and the student's IEP must be amended to reflect this change.


How can I enroll at Oakwood?

Click here to download the application for admission.  You will be contacted to set up an appointment when an opening occurs. 

The number of classes you are allowed to enroll in will be based on your time of entry.  View the Enrollment Credit Chart.

For more information, please contact Oakwood High School at 678-594-8240.