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Office Faculty & Staff

David Pearce, Director 678-594-8240, ext. 237 David.Pearce@cobbk12.org
Mandy Mooney, Counselor 678-594-8240, ext. 225 Mandy.Mooney@cobbk12.org
Cindy Coates, Secretary 678-594-8240, ext. 237 Cindy.Coates@cobbk12.org
Matt Parsnick, Media Specialist 678-594-8240, ext. 232 Matthew.Parsnick@cobbk12.org
Jennifer Pritt, ESOL 678-594-8240, ext. 238 Jennifer.Pritt@cobbk12.org


Oakwood Digital Academy, Center 1

Phone: 770-514-0810

Stephanie Peterson, Science speterson@ombudsman.com
John O'Farrill, Math jofarrill@ombudsman.com


Oakwood Digital Academy, Center 2

Phone: 770-989-1500

Mike Olson, Center Director/Social Studies molson@ombudsman.com
Ronald Vaughn, Science ronaldvaughn@ombudsman.com


Oakwood Digital Academy Center 3

Phone: 770-429-0042

Kyle Bowen, Center Director/Social Studies kbowen@ombudsman.com
Hollie Williams, English holliewilliams@ombudsman.com
Camelia Narez, College and Career Coach cnarez@ombudsman.com


Oakwood Digital Academy, Night School


Eddie Jones, Night School Lead Teacher wjones@ombudsman.com