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Why Should You Choose Oakwood?

Our non-traditional program is fine tuned for students who need a second chance or an alternative to the traditional high school model. Oakwood Digital Academy provides a true alternative in instructional format by creating a blended learning environment that allows students to work at their own pace.  The instructional format blends on-line learning with small group instruction and one-to-one tutoring allowing the teachers at the Digital Academy to create Learning Plans that are customize to the specific needs of each learner. Students are provided an opportunity to select a class schedule which will accommodate their work schedule or family commitments. Students may enroll in one of three sessions offered throughout the day at Oakwood Digital Academy. The schedule includes three-hour morning, midday and afternoon sessions which meet five days per week. For night school information, please click the night school link.

Each student will receive an Individualized Learning Program based on their academic needs. The individualized plan and computer-assisted personalized instruction allow students the freedom to work at their own pace and, in many cases, accelerate their learning. This instruction is complemented by teacher-led extended learning activities and small group instruction to help students apply their knowledge. The academic program is aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards, meets requirements for high school graduation in Georgia and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the organization that accredits Georgia schools.

A post-secondary transition coach is provided to assist students with job placement, job shadowing, internships, and mentoring opportunities. In addition, service learning opportunities will give students the opportunity to participate in meaningful community service projects and partnerships with Chattahoochee Technical College, and/or other institutions will provide post-secondary opportunities to students who wish to pursue them.

Here is what some of our current and former students have to say about Oakwood:

“I chose Oakwood because the school helps you get back on track.  The classes are fun and the teachers make you want to learn more about the class that you’re taking.  Oakwood is awesome!” – Master S., current student.


 “I think you should go to Oakwood because of the amount of freedom that we have, the respect that the teachers show us, and great amount of help that we receive.  You should choose Oakwood because of the school’s productive learning environment.” – Melvin J., graduated December 2012.


"I felt welcome and I immediately sensed that the teachers were friendly and concerned with helping students.  Oakwood has helped me prepare for my future and has made me more of a responsible person." - Kendra M., graduated December 2011.

"I think [Oakwood] is a great program, it really does allow people, who have maybe messed up in a regular high school, a second chance to do right. This was the best program I could have gone to." - Des'Ree H., graduated May 2012.

"The reason I'm at this school is because this is...where my teachers have actually helped me." - Jimmy M., graduated December 2011.

"We are blessed that Cobb County has this service to offer for kids...that are struggling in the main stream Cobb County schools." - Rod D., parent of Oakwood student.

"[Oakwood] was everything I was looking for.  It is giving me all the skills I need for life.  I really enjoy Oakwood." - Princess Y., graduated December 2011.

"The days are shorter and it's easier for me to stay focused." - Jennifer J., graduated December 2011.

"I can do my work at my own pace.  The rooms are so quiet and I'm just getting so much work done.  I love it and I wouldn't change schools." - Lindsey P., graduated May 2011.

"It is a work at your own pace self taught system and there is help available when you need it." - Brandon A., graduating May 2013.

"Because I teach myself, it's easier for me to learn. When I'm stuck a teacher is always available to help me!! The faculty here wants you to succeed and if I show effort and come [to school] they will do everything they can to make sure I do succeed." - Santana A., graduated May 2011.

"This program was my best choice ever.  The teachers are excellent, they work to help you learn and success is more than inevitable.  Best decision of my life." - Rudy A., graduated May 2011.

"I chose Oakwood because I know this school will help me through life." - Quienard S., graduated May 2012.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, Oakwood helped me and it will help you.  Oakwood opened up a lot of doors for me." - Andrew E., graduated May 2011.

"The teachers are great and helpful and I find myself learning a lot of new things." - Angelica F., graduated December 2011.