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Cobb PLC Faculty

Director: Dr. Cheryl Hungerford, Room 203, Cheryl.Hungerford@cobbk12.org

Director: Susan Wing, Room 203, Susan.Wing@cobbk12.org

Assistant Principal: Dr. Jose Colon, Room 102, Jose.Colon@cobbk12.org

Secretary: Yvonne Harris, Room 203, Yvonne.Harris@cobbk12.org

Site Coordinator: Adonica Bailey, Room 405, Adonica.Bailey@cobbk12.org

Counselor: Keeva Gatlin-Hollinhead, Office in 400 Building, Keeva.Gatlin-Hollinhead@cobbk12.org

Math Department: Tammy MacLean, Room 402, Tammy.Maclean@cobbk12.org

Sandra Campagnone, Room 206, Sandra.Campagnone@cobbk12.org

Jeanine Holihan, Room 205, Jeanine.Holihan@cobbk12.org

Language Arts Department: Danielle Davis, Room 201, Danielle.Davis2@cobbk12.org

Almeada Walker, Room 202, Almeada.Walker@cobbk12.org

Social Studies Department: William “Nat” Bomar, Room 204, William.Bomar@cobbk12.org

William Trice, Room 400, William.Trice@cobbk12.org

Science Department: Recaldo Ochoa, Room 404, Recaldo.Ochoa@cobbk12.org

Business/Electives: Robert White, Room 12 in Adult Ed. Building, Robert.White@cobbk12.org

Physical Education: William Trice, Room 400, William.Trice@cobbk12.org