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W. O. Smitha Middle School PTSA Calendar 2017-18

 Welcome Smitha Families,

  We are pleased that you are making Smitha your home!  Smitha PTSA is a branch of a larger organization that advocate on behalf of parents, teachers and students to guarantee: inclusion, diversity and rights of parents to be involved in their children’s education; teacher’s rights to educate by all means, by way of educational tools and techniques that will guarantee student success and last but never least student rights of having these necessary keys to unlock their futures, giving us: P.T.S.A. Parent Teacher Student Association.


Smitha Middle School is a higher level of parent, teacher and student accountableness, which leads to success for all that believe in a united front to make our school the best; i.e. fun, family friendly and educationally sound. But, the only way to manifest the desire of this united agenda is involvement from where student success actually begins, which is with you, the parents.  Smitha PTSA is ready and very able to assist parents with support of being involved. There are several positions open: Executive Board: Co- President and for Board of Directors (Chair Committee Positions) –Fundraising, Reflections and Hospitality. The Committee Chairs are not elected as per the Executive Board officers, but are a vital link to our success story.  Our chair positions allow us to better our school by supplying grants to our teachers and clubs to support their academic agendas and ideas of reaching each individual students’ needs and support of academic success with rewards and educational tools to our students. When we all work together obstacles become obsolete and academic and moral success rises. We hope that our newly found Cardinal Families will join the effort our Principal Ms. Salter and PTSA Board Members are putting forth for this upcoming 2017-18 school year by taking home information regarding Smitha PTSA which is available in the front office.



W.O. Smitha PTSA

Cardinal Proud!!!

 General Meeting Dates 2017-18

6th Grade Class:  PTSA 1st General Meeting Thursday, July 27, 2017 @6:30pm

Staff/ Teachers’ Welcome Back Breakfast: Friday, July 28, 2017 @9am. 2nd General Meeting

Vote on Budget 2017-18 Friday, July 28, 2017 @10am Open to all Smitha PTSA Members for 2017-18 school year.

Open House: Thursday, August 17, 2017 3rd General Meeting @6:30pm.


Open Positions:


Fundraising Chair

Hospitality Chair

Reflections Chair

Co-President (Executive Board)

Boxtops Chair


Volunteers Needed:

6th & 7th Grade Socials Time & Date TBA (September)

Dad’s Being Involved (DBI) Dinner Time & Date TBA (October 2017)

Mom’s Being Involved (MBI) Dinner Time & Date TBA (October 2017)

Staff/ Teachers Appreciation Week Luncheon: Friday, May 11, 2018  @11am-1pm

Olympics Concessions:  6th, 7th  & 8th Grade Time & Date TBA  (May)

8th Grade Dance Time  & Date TBA (May)

Executive Board/B.O.D Meeting Dates: All Meetings 2nd Wednesday of the Month @6pm-7:30pm (B.O.D  @7pm-7:30)

August 9th 2017

September, 6th 2017

October, 11th 2017

November, 8th 2017

December, 13th 2017

January, 10th 2018

March, 14th 2018

April, 11th 2018

May, 9th 2018


W.O.  Smitha PTSA

Jessye Coleman Council Leaders and Contact Information

W.O.  Smitha PTSA Executive Board/B.O.D Leaders: 2017-18

Ø  President- Hermina Shabazz

Ø  Vice President- Jeanette Beck

Ø   Secretary-Jennifer Carter

Ø  Treasurer- Wendy McCarter

Ø  Membership Chair- Sharita Rolle

Ø  smithaptsa@gmail.com

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 Jessye Coleman Council Executive Board Leaders: 2017-18


Ø  President- Natarsha Miller

Ø  Co-President- Rhonda Powell

Ø  Vice President- Tomeca Seacrease-Brown

Ø  Secretary- Alzia Burton

Ø  Treasurer- Pamela Askerneese-Henry

Ø  jcolemancouncil@gmail.com

Ø  Like Us On Facebook


District 9 Executive Board Leaders: 2017-18

Ø  District Director- Anita Hagins-Jones

Ø  1st Assistant Director- Jeri Godhigh

Ø  2nd Assistant Director- Bridgette Thompson

Ø  Secretary- Lisa Sandy

Ø  Treasurer- Laura Shyman

Ø  www.district9pta.my-pta.org

Georgia PTA Executive Committee Leaders: 2017-18

Ø  President- Tyler Barr

Ø  President Elect- Vacant

Ø  1st VP- Jacqueline Angel Little

Ø  2nd VP- Evelyn Cunningham

Ø  Secretary- Kizzy Weathersby

Ø  Treasurer- Neatie Green

Ø  Parliamentarian- Maurice Henderson

Ø  www.georgiapta.org


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