Schools will be closed Monday, December 11, 2017

All Cobb County Schools will be closed Monday, December 11, for both students and staff, due to continued power outages at multiple schools and poor travel conditions on secondary roads in the northern part of the county.

870 Casteel Road
Powder Springs, GA 30127
Phone: 678-594-8287
FAX: 678-594-8289

Club/Class Name

Meets on...
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Advanced Robotics

Art a la Carte

Meets Tuesdays
Jamie Collins

Terrific Scientific

Meets Tuesdays
Jamie Collins

Golf Time Meets Wednesdays
Greg Skollar

Good News Club

Michelle Mitchell
Meets Tuesdays

Guitar Club

Meets Tuesdays
Michael Silvey

Homeless Pet Club Meets Tuesdays
Jennifer Taylor


Meets Tuesdays
Michael Silvey

Kilometer Kids

Meets Tues. & Weds
Karen Lowery & Leanne Flanagan

More Than a Lesson Drama Club

Meets Tuesdays
Keisha McAlpine

Prima Dance Club
Cheer/Dance Club

Meets Wednesdays
Kristy Carder

Robotics Meets Wednesdays
Jamie Collins

S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)

 Meets Wednesdays
Jamie Collins

Tennis Time Meets Tuesdays
Greg Skollar

World Language Institute

Meets Wednesdays
Laura Manzzardo


Click on the Club Link above for Registration

Still provides the opportunity for students to focus on their interests and strengths after school. Organizations determine a day to bring their professionals to our school and work with our students.

When is it?

All club activities take place after school. Each activity has a specific day and time they provide their sessions.

What does it cost?

Each organization has a different fee for the sessions. Students will pay the organization directly. The school does ask that you pay the one time registration fee of $10 for the After School Program. If your child stays in ASP, they will also be responsible for the daily fee of $7.00.