Fourth Grade Favorites

Internet Safety for Fourth Graders


 Who Wants to be a Place Value Master?

ABCYA - Where Education and Technology Meet

Hidden Craft - Grid Coordinates

What's My Angle?- practice using a protractor

Angle Activities

Virtual Tangrams

Division Machine - All Levels

Button Beach Challenge

Interactive Geometry - shapes and symmetry

Math Playground Computation Practice

Math Playground Word Problem Practice

AAA Math - division

Math Magician Multiplication

Basket Math - Rounding Numbers

Rounding Off

Grand Slam Math - word problems

Around the World in 80 seconds

Cumulative Test Prep

Math Zone

Plug into Mathematics

Interactive Mathematics

A Plus Math

Basket Math Interactive

Dositey Math

Interactive Polygons

Illuminations Math Activities

Multi Bar Graph Activity

Social Studies

Bill of Rights - Online Game

US Constitution Quiz 1

US Constitution Quiz 2

US Constitution Quiz 3

US Constitution Quiz 4

US Constitution Quiz 5

US Constitution Quiz 6

US Constitution Quiz 7

Declaration of Independence

If You Were President

The Executive Branch

The Constitution

The Legislative Branch

The Judicial Branch


Go West with Lewis and Clark (game)

Ben's Guide to US Government

The National Archives

Search Biographies

Library of Congress - America's Story




Poetry Idea Engine

Time Line of English Poetry

Poetry 4 Kids

Writing with Writers - Poetry

Ted Scheu Poetry For Kids

Poetry for Children by CJ Heck

Poetry for Children by William Shakespeery

Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poetry

Poetry by Linda Knaus

Giggle Poetry

Giggle, Giggle, Snicker, Laugh Poetry

Rhyming Dictionary

Roget's Online Thesaurus


Language Arts/Reading


Spelling City

Vocabulary Games

Maniac Magee

Houghton Mifflin English (K-5)

Dositey Language Arts

Sadlier Oxford Phonics

Fish Tank - Prefixes, Bases and Suffixes

Fish Tank - Plurals

The Kingdom of the Lion - Listen to the fable and take a quiz

The Wolf and the Crane - Listen to the fable and take a quiz

TV411 Tune in to Learning (all subjects)


Seasonal and Special Interest


Investigating the First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving Feast



The Poinsettia

The Legend of the Poinsettia




Fricano's pizza

History and Legends of Pizza

Pizza Facts



Colonial America and Revolutionary War

A Revolutionary Webquest

Social Studies for Kids - Revolutionary War Timeline

American Revolution Research and Information

Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution

Kid Info - Revolutionary War

Library of Congress - Revolutionary War Timeline

Jamestown Online Adventure

Library of Congress - Colonial America Timeline

13 Originals - Founding the American Colonies

History of the USA

A Colonial Family and Community

Revolutionary Battles by State

Colonial Kids - A Celebration of Life in the 1700's


Native Americans

Saskatchewan History - The First Peoples: The Plains Indians

Native Americans - Wigwams

Eastern Woodland Culture Indians

Enchanted Learning

Scenes from the Eastern Woodlands

Wikipedia - Eastern Woodland Indians

Southwest Indian Crafts

Arts of Native America

Native American Resources for Kids and Teachers

Native American Search


Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark


States and Regions

All About the Gold Rush

Ben's Guide to the US Government

List of Regions of the U.S.

US Regions and US States




Weather and Climate Scavenger Hunt

Cloud Picture Gallery

Cloud Photos

Water Cycle Webquest



Solar System

Exploring the Solar System

Views of the Solar System


NASA Kids Club

Field Guide to the Universe

Virtual Solar System

 Living in Space



Fourth Grade Mammal Research

Mammals and Marine Mammal Links



Windows to the Universe - Ecosystems

WWF Habitats

What's It Like Where You Live?

Fun with Food Webs

Living Things - Food Chains


Plants and Animals in the Local Environment

Every Living Thing

Blue Planet Biomes

What is a Carnivore?

What is an ecosystem?

Exploring Ecosystems

Ecosystem Vocabulary Flash Cards



Laser Game

How Light Works - What is Light?

The Science of Light




Science of Music

Changing Sounds

Sound Vocabulary Word Games




Columbus Day

Marco Polo

Marco Polo - Wikipedia

Marco Polo - Enchanted Learning

Ms. Miller's Explorer Page


Simple Machines

Science Simple Machines