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Vaughan Elementary Foundation


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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Vaughan Elementary Foundation (VEF) is to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education through fundraising, parental support and community involvement.


Foundation Facts:

Hands-on Science is FUN! Ask your child what he or she has been learning about in the STEM lab!


Foundation FAQ:

Q: What is the Vaughan Elementary Foundation (VEF)?

A: VEF is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing educational opportunities that otherwise would not be a part of the instructional program at Vaughan Elementary. VEF provides academic support that is not funded by the Cobb County School District or the Vaughan PTSA.

Q: How is VEF different from the PTSA?

A: The VEF can utilize funds for salaries, capital improvements, supplies, equipment and other school needs. PTSA works with our school to provide programs and volunteers, but national PTA guidelines limit how the PTA can spend funds.

Q: Who is CCSF?

A: The Cobb County Public Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Georgia non-profit organization supporting, rewarding and enhancing educational opportunities for Cobb County schools, staff and students. The Cobb County Schools Foundation also administers funds for the foundations of several individual Cobb Schools, which includes VEF. Since Vaughan Elementary School Foundation is administered and governed under the umbrella of CCSF, we benefit from the following: Tax-Exempt Status, Audits, Administrative Accounting Set-up, Banking, On-line Payment System and Insurance.

Q: How does Vaughan Elementary Foundation raise funds?

A: Annual Campaign, Corporate Gift Matching, Fall & Spring Fundraisers such as Monster Mash and our Rocket Run 5K.

Q: How can I help VEF?

A: Make a financial contribution to the Foundation. Double your donation by asking your employer about Corporate Gift Matching. Volunteer for Foundation events. Participate in the Monster Mash and Rocket Run 5K. Become an advocate and positive force for the Foundation with all members of the Vaughan community!

Q: Is my donation tax-exempt?

A: Yes! Please make checks payable to CCSF – Vaughan Elementary Foundation.

Q: Why do I make my check payable to CCSF – Vaughan Elementary Foundation?

A: Because Cobb County Schools Foundation (CCSF) administers our funds.

Q: What will the VEF do with my contributions?

A: Vaughan Elementary Foundation uses contributions for the following:

Q: Who makes decisions about fund allocation and how is that managed?

A: Members of the Vaughan School Foundation Board of Directors, Trustees and Vaughan Elementary School Administration determine how funds are allocated.

Q: What else does the VEF do besides raise funds for Vaughan Elementary?

A: The Foundation’s sole purpose is to raise funds and support all students attending Vaughan Elementary.

Q: Can I participate in both the PTSA and Foundation?

A: Yes! There is no conflict between volunteering for the Foundation and PTSA.



The Vaughan Elementary Foundation provides financial support to our STEM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) which is an effective method of Science instruction that integrates content and hands-on exploration and helps students recognize the importance of math and technology in pursuing inquiry. STEM also integrates all other areas of the elementary curriculum.

Science - the process of investigating natural phenomena to discover and develop new principles to describe the world around us.

Technology - the use of tools to facilitate science and engineering.

Engineering - the application of the scientific principles to solve practical problems.

Mathematics - the language of science that is used to analyze the world around you