WHS SPLOST Construction

The "old" part of WHS, the original buildings constructed in 1965, are being torn down this summer to build a larger building.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s about Wheeler  Drop off for the year 2012 – 2013

These questions are from a concerned parent.  The responses are from Dr. Braddock

As I pondered the logistics (especially since we are out of district), I came up with a few questions.

I understand that that we cannot pick up in the south entrance until after the buses leave.  This is correct.

However, where will all those parents be lining up?  Or, do you intend for them to park across the street.  Parents can drop off students in the East Cobb Middle School parking lot...please enter off of Club Dr. at the back of the parking lot and drop off in the middle of the parking lot behind the bus lanes.

If you are planning all of this parking across the street and extra congestion, do you plan to have more personnel directing and guiding
traffic?  The first couple of weeks we plan on having staff directing traffic. 

How about large signs that give guidelines on how to progress or park or be dismissed.   I have ordered numerous signs to that will help the movement and flow of traffic.  If you would like to stop by and look at the plans and make suggestions that will be fine.

For example, in SC, they have signs saying 'One for One' meaning let one out, go 1,etc. These students could use some skills in consideration and patience.  Their world is in such a hurry and they need to learn to pause and think.  Great sign. 

Will that parking lot across the street be organized in a better way...markings, etc.?  I assume you are referring to East Cobb Middle School parking lot.  That will be repainted this summer to allow our staff to park there.  It will be packed with their staff and ours.  I doubt that there will be any room to allow parents or students to park or stand in the afternoon especially.  We will have a crossing guard that will stop traffic to allow students to cross over to Wheeler.

Where are parents to park in the morning when they help with very early activities such as FCA? We are carrying in food and such.  I anticipate there will be 5-6 visitor parking spots on the east side of the auditorium for temporary parking.

Will we be able to park near that auditorium?  No, there will be four portables in that area.

What about all these students that participate in FCA.  Are they going to have to park a great deal away in those early morning hours?   I'm afraid that there is no other option.  There is very minimal space available on campus that anyone can park, faculty, staff or students.  We are looking at allowing students that have minimum day 4th block to park in the back.  They will be gone by the time the busses need to park for afternoon pick-up.

Usually, we park in the visitor spots and leave before the buses come. You will still be able to do that, but the spaces will be in the back parking lot

Where are the visitor spots going to be?  In the back parking lot, by the tennis courts is the only option and they have to be removed by 2:30, same as now.

We have loved Wheeler, but the biggest complaint has been weak communication.  I realize they try so hard with this, but it definitely
needs to be improved.  Thank you for thinking ahead and possibly eliminating some confusion.  Suggestions how to improve communications is always welcomed.

Sincerely,  Dr. Braddock